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playhouse-headerPlayhouse Styles

Kid’s Cabins and Playhouses

These are high-quality playhouses, built to last 20 years or more. The construction and attention to detail are amazing!

Looking for a playhouse for your backyard? All of our playhouse are made by Amish Craftsmen with attention to detail from quality lumber and materials. Our playhouses come in a variety of sizes and styles, and all can be customized with your choice of colors and options. Most playhouse styles feature indoor play lofts with ladders. And our quick turn around means from after  you place an order, your playhouse delivery usually only takes 2-3 weeks! We also have playhouses in-stock for even faster delivery.

Customize your playhouse

In addition to choosing your paint, stain and shingle colors, we can add doors or windows, a front deck on the playhouses, log interior options and more.

Delivery and Installation

These playhouses come completely pre-built, and we offer delivery and installation.

Can I Get a Playhouse Built To Match my Home Style to meet my HOA rules?

We have three playhouse styles, along with options and accessories to custom build the playhouse to meet your HOA specifications. Whether you choose one of our many siding, shingle or color options, or supply your own, we can build the custom playhouse you are looking for.

Pre-Built or Built-On-Site Playhouse Delivery Choices

We can deliver your playhouse pre-built or built-on-site. Pre-built is  convenient, fast and the best price. However, when access to your yard is a problem, built-on-site is the best way to get the playhouse installed.