Need a replacement rim? How about some help protecting players from impact with the poles? Get the Goalrilla accessories you need here. Both weights of basketball rim are available. If you are planning on moving, you can get a replacement anchor kit for your Goalrilla basketball hoop and take the system with you.

Universal Pole Pad

The Goalrilla Universal Pole Pad is durable enough to be used in all weather conditions and is simple to attach. This pole protection pad works on all basketball poles and is an excellent way to keep players safe during aggressive games or practice. Goalrilla Universal pole pad extends to cover baseplate and hardware.

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Backboard Pad

The Goalrilla Backboard Padding helps protect players head and shoulders from the metals edges and corners of the backboard during dunking, rebounding, and aggressive play. The basketball backboard padding commercial quality, all-weather designed for outdoor use to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Backboard Pad »

Deluxe Pole Pad

When Goalrilla developed the Deluxe Pole Pad, player safety was a priority. That’s why it delivers 4″ of front pole padding. We also wanted to make the Deluxe Pole Pad the toughest basketball pole padding on the planet. So, we used the toughest materials to construct the Deluxe Pole Pad so it can weather…the weather.

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Anchor System

In addition to easy, accurate leveling at installation, the Goalrilla anchor system also allows your Goalrilla basketball hoop to be dismounted and moved to another location. Just replace the Goalrilla anchor system and remount your Goalrilla unit. Every Goalrilla basketball goal is built to last a lifetime – regardless of where life takes you.

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Heavy-weight Rim

The heavy-weight rim is what came on your E1, DC72E1, CV72, GSI, CV60, GSII, CV54 and pro glass Goalrlilla basketball goals. You can use it to replace any other rim with a 5″ x 5″ bolt pattern.

Heavy-weight rim »

Medium-weight Rim

The medium-weight rim came standard on the Goarilla GS72, GS60c, GS60AV, GS60, GSIII, GS54,GS54C, GS54 AV and the Goalrilla IV & V. The medium-weight will replace all rims with a 3″ x 4″ bolt pattern.

Medium-weight rim »

LED Hoop Light

These LED lights feature an innovative design that extends over the top of the basketball hoop and illuminates the backboard, rim, and court for increased safety while playing in the dark. The new design makes it easier to install and lower for convenient bulb changing and storage.

LED Hoop light »

Silverback Junior Basketball Hoop

Take your game everywhere with the Silverback Junior Basketball Goal featuring Lock ‘n Rock Mounting Technology. This unique hoop has a 33” x 23.5” backboard that quickly mounts onto most round and square vertical poles (3” to 6” wide) making it ideal for shooting hoops just about anywhere!

Silverback Junior Hoop »

Yard Guard

The yard guard spans over 12 feet wide and 9 feet tall. It also fits any Goalrilla basketball goal unit and installs quickly. It’s made from steel poles and a tough nylon netting. It will hold up to years of play and help your athlete develop his/her game.

Yard guard »

Ball Return Net

The ball return net is great for solo practice. The mesh netting rolls the ball back to you each time instead of bouncing away. Compatible with most in-ground basketball hoop systems, & it features two heavy-duty anchors that can be filled with either sand or water.

Ball return net »

Standard Pole Pad

Its built-to-last, rugged construction includes a reinforced base, durable straps, and weatherproof material for all-season wear. It fits all Goalrilla 5- and 6-inch poles, and takes no time to install.

Standard pole pad »

Actuator Handle and Pin

The handle is the part of the actuator that allows you to raise and lower the height of the rim and backboard on most* Goalrilla models. The pin is removable to restrict access to the basketball goal height adjustment mechanism. This product does not include the full actuator.

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