10 Reasons to buy a Goalrilla

10 Reasons to Buy Goalrilla

1. Stability

1-Piece 10 Foot Pole
Flex Rim

Goalrilla is well known for the stability of their basketball goal systems.  All goals are bolted securely to a concrete and steel anchor dug deeply into the ground.  This is the same system used for installing your local town’s street lights!  Each pole is manufactured as one whole piece to minimize flex points when weight is added to the system.  In addition to this, each goal comes with either a medium-flex or heavy-flex rim to reduce stress on the play system.

2. Crank Adjust (7.5-10.0 feet)

Regardless of which Goalrilla goal you choose, each of them comes with a crank-adjust actuator to be able to lower your goal as low as 7.5 feet and raise it as high as 10 feet.  This feature definitely will increase the age range of people using your system.  Goalrillas are suitable for young kids, teenagers, and adults.  These heights meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for basketball systems.

Thick steel frame
Corrosion resistant hardware
Dupont powder-coated

3. Durability

Goalrilla basketball systems are suitable for indoor basketball courts and outdoor alike.  The Dupont powder-coated frame helps to protect all steel parts from the elements.  All hardware is corrosion resistant as well.  The thick steel frame is extremely durable to say the least, in fact we believe it is the most durable in the residential basketball goal industry.  In addition, the tempered glass backboard will hold its professional appearance for years.

4. Safety

25. to 4.0 Feet Overhang
Backboard Pads and Pole Pads

All Goalrilla goals come with the option of safety features to ensure safe game play.  There are a variety of pole pads available, ranging from standard to deluxe.  Some of these may also be customized to your favorite university!  Base pads are also available to protect the player from the anchor system bolts near the pole base.

Depending on the system you choose, the backboard may hang 2.5 to 4 feet away from the pole, providing a safe space away from the pole. Goalrilla products meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for basketball systems.

All hoops can lower to no further than 7 ½ feet.  This safeguard is put in place for a very important reason.  Believe it or not, one of the most common injuries on residential basketball systems is a child accidentally getting their teeth or braces snagged on a net during a dunk.  The risk of this is much greater when the goal is at a height below 7 ½ feet.  Many manufacturer-direct competitors do not heed these standardized guidelines.  Owners can lower these goals as low as 5 feet in some instances, creating a dangerous playing area.

5. Installation

Simplicity • Speed • Ability to move system to another location

The simplicity with which a Goalrilla can be installed is amazing! Easy-to-understand instructions make things very quick and trouble-free. Assembly is accomplished with only a handful of tools. If you want to move your basketball system after it has been installed, no problem! You’ll just need to install a new anchor in the desired location, transport the goal, and bolt it down again.

6. Wide Variety of High-End Products

Goalrilla pole sizes range in size from 5”x5”, all the way up to 6”x8” poles.  Backboards range in size from 54” wide up to 72” wide.  Backboards can come in tempered glass, some goals even offer acrylic as a backboard material.  Additionally, there are standard view and clear view options for the arms holding the backboard.

7. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Goalrilla boasts a lifetime warranty that is equal to or better than any other warranty in the residential basketball hoop market, additionally Goalrilla is owned by a large sporting goods company that has been in business for over 89 years.

8. Pro-Style, Pre-Assembled Flex Rim

These rims come in medium-flex and heavy-duty flex varieties based upon which system is purchased.  Each rim comes with a “break-away” feature that provides a safeguard against broken backboards, and takes pressure away from the pole and anchor during aggressive play.

9. Wide Variety of Accessories

Backboard/pole pads
Hoop light
Yard Guard
Ball Return System
Variety of Pads (Collegiate, Deluxe, Standard, etc.)

Every basketball system offers the purchase of a wide variety of options to add to the safety and functionality of the hoop.  Pole pads and backboard pads protect the player.  Yard guards protect your landscaping. The ball return system offers the shooter more practice time.  And last but definitely not least, the hoop light can extend playing time for hours and hours!

10. Professional Appearance

Goalrilla’s sleek appearance will make your basketball court the envy of all your neighbors!  Its look is unmistakable, and its fit and finish are second to none.  We encourage you to try and find a Goalrilla to look at in person to see all of the differences in the overall finish compared to its competitors.

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  1. Kimberly Davis

    My grandson shattered the backboard on my gorilla goal system. Is that under warranty?

  2. Shannon Miller

    The glass in our backboard shattered without known reason. Is this covered under warranty or able to be replaced? We have owned for less than 4 years.

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