5 Ways a Spa Will Enhance Your Life

Thinking about taking the plunge and investing in a spa but not sure if it’s worth it? Don’t worry, it won’t be long until you realize the true magic behind soaking in a spa on a regular basis and why people have been enjoying spas for ages. A hot tub can change your life for the better in many ways, from eased muscle pain and reduced stress to exercise and enhancing connections with others. But let’s dive a little deeper into some of the ways that owning a spa will change your life.

1. Goodbye Stress!

We all know how life can become pretty straining at times. Pressures and to-dos pile up quickly and finding joy in everyday life is not always easy when you find yourself buried in stress. But when you have a spa, daily soaks can be just the right medicine to help rid you of daily stresses. The spa’s warm, bubbly water increases circulation and the production of positive endorphins throughout your body while you soak in your hot tub. This is important because increased amounts of endorphins help reduce the feelings of anxiety and pain. Plus, we all know how relaxing it is to just sit and soak in your spa. This alone will have your stresses melting away in no time.

2. Aches and Pains-Free

We all know that when you don’t feel good physically, it’s really hard to feel good mentally and emotionally. The good news is that a spa can help with all the aches and pains you feel on a daily basis. The buoyancy and heat of spa water combined with the powerful, strategically-placed massaging jets work hand-in-hand to soothe and ease your body’s aches and pains. Buoyancy takes the weight of gravity off of your joints while the heat of the water instantly relaxes you. Therefore, softening your muscles so the massage jets can really focus on kneading out knots in your body and soothing your aches. You can rest assured that each day you step out of your spa, you will feel so much better than when you first originally stepped in.

3. Better Night’s Sleep

Relaxing in a spa can help enhance your sleep patterns in a few different ways. Like mentioned above, spas can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Therefore, when you relax in a spa before bed, the soothing and jet-driven waters of the spa helps bring you to a more relaxed, stress-free state ready for sleep. However, we all know falling to sleep is only the first step of the process, and many have trouble staying asleep throughout the night. Luckily, because soaking in a spa can help relieve so much muscle tension and soreness, staying asleep will become a lot more natural to you. This is because often aches and pains can make it very difficult to become comfortable enough to sleep. It’s pretty hard to stay asleep when you are constantly readjusting and moving around trying to get comfortable. By reducing the impact of your body’s aches and pains, you are finally able to enjoy a much deeper kind of sleep.

4. Improves Connections With Loved Ones

There’s no doubt about it, it can be extremely difficult in this day and age to escape from all the technology that consumes our lives on a day to day basis. However, a hot tub provides the perfect escape from modern technology because we all know that electronics and water don’t mix well. This makes for the perfect environment to really connect with loved ones and be totally and completely engaged without distractions. A spa is a great place to socialize and strengthen bonds with one another. This is important because catching up and feeling connected does wonder for your emotional wellness which in return improves your mood greatly.

5. Exercise

You might not believe it, but a spa is actually an ideal place to really engage in low-impact exercise. Submerging your body in the warm and buoyant water actually reduces the effects of gravity by nearly 90%! This means a tremendous amount of tension is relieved from your body by easing the load on your joints and muscles. Therefore, this makes it a perfect environment to participate in exercises that can be rather difficult to do on land. Once you start exercising in your spa you will be well on your way to improving your heart health, weight loss, muscle tone, and flexibility!

As you can tell, a spa can truly start improving your daily life from the very first soak. All you need is just 20 minutes a day to soak in your spa to begin to feel all the positive wellness benefits and to start enhancing your life. If you’re ready to find the perfect hot tub to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health, give Recreation Unlimited a call at (317) 773-3545 or visit our Noblesville showroom to “test drive” a hot tub for yourself!

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