History of the Hot Tub

The health benefits of regularly bathing in warm water were understood by the ancient Romans.  Baths have a long history, dating way back even before the Roman baths.  The Romans were famous for their baths, but there can be no doubt some stressed out caveman probably slipped into a steaming […]

‘Tis the Season for Awesome Savings

‘Tis the season for awesome savings at Recreation Unlimited. As winter arrives to Indiana, so do the discounts to our inventory. In our huge interactive showroom, there are several 2014 models displayed, along with many available warehouse and display playsets on closeout. The pricing, without a doubt, is the best savings […]

Review: Goalrilla Yard Guard Net System

Netting containment systems have been popular with Goalrilla owners for years. Nets keep the basketball out of the street, out of your flower garden, out of the neighbor’s bay window and out of the poison ivy at the bottom of the hill.

Why Cal Spas?

Brand: Choose The Name You Can Trust. When you select Cal Spas, you join a global network of satisfied customers that has been growing since our company was established in 1979 that’s 35 years in the spa business. Cal Spas is one of the oldest and most innovative spa companies […]