Molly Campbell

Tips to Consider When Buying a Shed

By Molly Campbell / March 6, 2017 /

Looking into buying a new shed? Replacing your old storage unit? Or maybe you have filled the family garage to its maximum capacity. There are…

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Woodplay Playsets vs. Gorilla Playsets

By Molly Campbell / February 13, 2017 /

If you are just starting to shop for a playset, all of the available choices may seem overwhelming. Initially, they may all look the same…

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“Test Drive” a Hot Tub in Our Mood Room!

By Molly Campbell / January 17, 2017 /

With the best options and largest hot tub showroom in the Midwest, choosing a hot tub at Recreation Unlimited that is right for the whole…

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Why Use a Silver Sanitizer in Your Hot Tub?

By Molly Campbell / December 16, 2016 /

If you’re a current hot tub owner, or considering becoming one, you know that keeping the water clean and chemical levels balanced is an important…

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Hot Tub Surfacing

By Molly Campbell / December 6, 2016 /

With winter knocking on the door here in the Indianapolis area, you’re probably already thinking about ways to stay warm this season. And as you…

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