Indoor Gym Maintenance and Inspections

It’s 2:00 am and you’re freezing. You check the thermostat and it is set to a cozy 70 degrees, but the furnace is not cooperating. You start to get angry. You have to be up in a couple hours and all you want to do is get some rest but […]

Why Use a Silver Sanitizer in Your Hot Tub?

If you’re a current hot tub owner, or considering becoming one, you know that keeping the water clean and chemical levels balanced is an important part of hot tub ownership. One particular product to consider for helping maintain proper levels and clean water is a silver sanitizer. Benefits of a […]

Hot Tub Surfacing

With winter knocking on the door here in the Indianapolis area, you’re probably already thinking about ways to stay warm this season. And as you probably already know, a hot tub is a great investment that the whole family will love – especially during the chilly months here in the […]

Gymnasium Divider Curtains

Honest Abe once said “A house divided, cannot stand”. While this is a true, a gymnasium properly divided cannot fail! Whether it’s cross court basketball or five a side indoor soccer, you want to keep the right ball on the right court and not let the action blend. A properly […]

2016 Black Friday Blowout Sale!

Season’s Greetings! With the Holidays quickly approaching, our gift to you is loads of savings! It’s no secret that with the hustle and bustle of the season, stress and extra costs are the last things anyone needs. We know you’re looking for the best deal on gifts that will be […]