Outdoor Bleachers: Do Yours Make the Cut?

Who doesn’t enjoy attending sporting events in the summer? Whether you are watching your local professional team or on the edge of your seat rooting on your future all-star, there is just something about sports in the summer that creates a special atmosphere like no other! While taking in the […]

Indoor Gym Maintenance and Inspections

It’s 2:00 am and you’re freezing. You check the thermostat and it is set to a cozy 70 degrees, but the furnace is not cooperating. You start to get angry. You have to be up in a couple hours and all you want to do is get some rest but […]

Gymnasium Divider Curtains

Honest Abe once said “A house divided, cannot stand”. While this is a true, a gymnasium properly divided cannot fail! Whether it’s cross court basketball or five a side indoor soccer, you want to keep the right ball on the right court and not let the action blend. A properly […]

“Serving Up” Tips for Selecting the Right Indoor Volleyball System

It’s fall and that means scary costumes, great food, and of course volleyball season! Just as the players and coaches prep for the season, the facility managers must get ready as well, and if your old system is looking worse for wear then maybe it’s time to “pancake” that bad […]

Playground Surface Safety

Protective playground surfacing is often the most overlooked part of home playground safety. Only about 9% of home playgrounds have a safety surface under their playsets. Most commonly, backyard playsets sit on top of grass and dirt, but neither provides adequate protection against injury due to falls. Luckily, there are a […]