Tips to Consider When Buying a Shed

Looking into buying a new shed? Replacing your old storage unit? Or maybe you have filled the family garage to its maximum capacity. There are many factors to acknowledge as you begin the process of shopping for a new shed. Considering the following items will help make your search as […]

Choosing a Customized Playhouse

A kid’s playhouse is an exciting purchase for everyone in the family. Every playhouse is a custom order, and the selection of the style, color, and size is a simple, fun process for the family. At Recreation Unlimited, our sheds are built locally in Indiana by the Amish. The quality […]

Benefits of Roof Overhang on Sheds

One common shed feature that is too often overlooked is the roof overhang. The overhang protects exterior walls from debris and also helps prevent rain from running down the siding.

“She” Sheds


With the hustle from picking up kids, running to work, cooking dinner, and picking up the house, women need some time to themselves too.