Enjoying Family Time in Your Hot Tub

Importance of Family Time

Life is constantly getting more hectic, which often takes a toll on our relationships with loved ones. As lives get busier, it’s easy to place family time on the back burner without even realizing it. Not to mention that as your child gets older it becomes even tougher to find quality family time because they start prioritizing friends over family. However, making sure to carve out family time is more vital than ever.

Family time shapes a child into the person they are going to be by improving self-esteem and nurturing positive behaviors. When parents and children engage in activities and spend time together, children develop a more positive sense of self-worth. Family time also helps makes a child more sociable outside the home. It strengthens family bonds, which helps a child feel safe and able to talk to about anything, good or bad. Being able to have open conversations about feelings is important for a child because it can relieve tension or stress, even at a young age.

By now you’re probably beginning to wonder what this has to do with a hot tub? We all know there are a million and one reasons to love your hot tub, but one to remember is that a hot tub can strengthen relationships and bonds with loved ones! Hot tubs offer an escape and a personal oasis for your family in your own yard. Also, a hot tub is a way for your family to spend uninterrupted and quality time with each other away from life’s distractions and technology.

Have Fun With Your Family In Your Hot Tub!

Real Conversations

In theory, it sounds easy to just sit down and have a conversation about your child’s day. However, as a parent you already know that’s not always the case! With all of the modern day distractions from electronics to friends and after school activities, this can often be easier said than done. Luckily, electronics and water don’t mix well, so with a hot tub, you’ll actually have their full undivided attention to have a real and meaningful conversation. Whether it’s just asking how their day was, what they want to be when they grow up, or fun questions about something silly, you may be surprised at how quickly your kids open up when distractions are put aside. This is a sure way to feel closer to grow together as a family.

Movie Night

What could be better than a relaxing soak and a movie? A hot tub movie night brings a whole new level of fun and excitement to your regular family movie night. It’s as easy as that to spend quality time together laughing at a funny comedy movie. Not sure how to make a “theater” outside? All you have to do is either move a tv outside for the night or invest in an affordable projector and hang up a white sheet as the screen and pop some popcorn!

Game Night

So many games can be played in a hot tub which makes it a perfect spot for a family game night! Surprise your kids with a secret attack with squirt guns, or a fun game of water ping pong. You can even invest in a floating table and play card games with waterproof playing cards. Plus, all the fun car games you play while driving can be played in the hot tub too, like I-spy or the alphabet game. The possibilities are endless in keeping family hot tub night a night your kids will remember!

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