Gymnasium Divider Curtains

Honest Abe once said “A house divided, cannot stand”. While this is a true, a gymnasium properly divided cannot fail! Whether it’s cross court basketball or five a side indoor soccer, you want to keep the right ball on the right court and not let the action blend. A properly divided gymnasium allows you to achieve that as well as get the most from your space while also protecting your participants from potential threats to both their safety and their game.

Considerations for Dividing Your Gym

If you don’t have a game plan for the layout of your gym, don’t fret; we’ve got your back. Below are a few things to think about when trying to get the most out of your space!

Do I have enough room to divide?

The first and most important thing to think about is the space you have. You may want to get two courts out of your space but if you do not have adequate room it may end up making things worse and not better. Be sure to check your local fire codes for occupancy rules as well as your sports requirements for safe play to ensure after you divide you will still have the proper room to play the game effectively and safely.

Do I have enough clearance for my divider?

Clearance is a huge factor in choosing your divider curtain properly. Most ceiling retractable curtains vary quite a bit in storage dimension. The storage dimension is the dimension from the bottom of the curtain to the bottom of your ceiling. This is important in sports like volleyball that have a minimum clearance above the court. If your ceiling is twenty five feet from the floor to the ceiling and the curtain hangs down three feet when in the stored position, this could cause problems. However, there are several options that roll much tighter. The 4040 Top Roll and the 4050 Center Drive from Gared are a few that would help maintain the correct clearance needed.

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What is my goal for this structure?

While we obviously are dividing one area into two, it is important to think about what connection the two spaces will still need to share. When the divider is down, will visual supervision still be required? Are you concerned about airflow in the room? When the divider is down will light from a window still need to shine through? All these conditions can be accommodated if the proper divider is selected, but must be known and addressed in the planning stages.

What type of divider is best for my facility structure?

When choosing a divider for an existing facility, the structure it attaches to will impact heavily impact the price. The ideal situation is a sturdy, solid beam that runs directly over the spot the curtain will go and runs the length of the curtain. However, trusses that are ten feet or less on center and are flat and level to the floor are great for attachment as well. Any slope to the building or obstructions (HVAC, lights, etc.) are a hindrance to a divider but they can be worked around. Gared’s 4025 Slope/Peak is a great solution for a peaked/sloped ceiling. It is best to have a professional out to survey your facility to make sure everything is accounted for.

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Who will be operating the divider?

There are many different styles of curtains and (understandably) many different ways to operate them. Even though there are a lot of different styles of curtains, user interaction in their operation breaks down really to manual and electric. The 4013 walk draw curtain is one of the oldest and most reliable curtains on the market, but is all man powered. Most others are electrically operated with with either key switch, remote, or touch pad. The frequency in which you will operate the curtains definitely will play a factor in your decision here.

If you’re interested in learning more about gymnasium dividers, or already have a plan in mind, give us a call at (317) 776-7830 and a Recreation Unlimited Commercial team member will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started! We’ve complete numerous projects for both residential and commercial applications and look forward to putting our knowledge, skills, and experience to work for you.

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