History of the Hot Tub

The health benefits of regularly bathing in warm water were understood by the ancient Romans.  Baths have a long history, dating way back even before the Roman baths.  The Romans were famous for their baths, but there can be no doubt some stressed out caveman probably slipped into a steaming water hole.In Europe, the Finns, Norwegians, Russians and the Turks are all legendary for the baths.  These baths were in a community, open to everyone for the most part.


The town of  Baden-Baden in Germany roughly means Baths-Baths.  Baden-Baden is known for its healing, and cleansing effects of it’s invigorating waters that originate deep beneath the town.  In Baden, you can find relaxation in the beautiful world of the Baden-Baden’s thermal baths. Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters that clears your mind, soothe your soul and let your body find its natural balance.  People from all over the world go to experience soaking the waters.

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Bath, England is the one of the places that the Romans built what they knew best, the Roman baths.  They are in marble halls; one can visit and feel the majesty of these public baths.

Hot Spring


Icelandic geo-thermal springs provide eternally hot water to swimming pools in Iceland.  The locals and travelers from all over the world can go and get a chance to swim in the pools.  Temperatures ranging from 80 F while the air around them varies from the  30’s to 70’s.


Asia is a hot spot for hot tubs.  If you visit Japan, make sure to check out a hot spring.  Make sure you understand the rules before tearing off your clothes and plunging into the water.  They take their bath’s seriously, no hanky-panky allowed.

Spas-and-bathsSpas and Baths have become both a social and physical thing.  They have been used for relaxing and medical needs all over the world from the beginning of time.

In the western hemisphere, a wine vat was used as the first hot tub.  In the 1950’s were the first to fill wine vats with warm water to soak in, creating the hot tub.  Legend says that a California winemaker slipped into the tub during a taste test.  A Californian may not have been the first to fall into a wine vat after all; people have been stomping grapes for centuries all over the world.


In 1956, two men with the last name of Jacuzzi invented the first hydrotherapy pump to help a family member with their arthritis.  In the 1960’s the Hot tubimage craze starts to take hold.  The first wooden spas hit the California hills.  Inspired by the traditional Japanese bathing tubs, and were made from materials from wineries.  In 1968, the first self-contained whirlpool tub was invented.  Shortly after that a pump, heater, and filtration system was attached.

First hot tub1970 was when the “Hot Tub” product/industry was born. The original hot tub took a lot of time to create and install, so the fiberglass type of shell was created, and the air switch was also invented. 1973 Baja products starting manufacturing the acrylic hot tub. The hot tub is so popular that in 1979 everyone wanted a part of it. Businesses all over tried to make hot tubs, creating a lot of poorly made fiberglass hot tubs and created a bad reputation for the spa industry.

Early 1980’s The Watkins brothers release a spa made of Rovel, a co-extruded material from Dow. An innovation from the boating industry, the material uses vinyl ester resin and acrylic instead of polyester resin, swiftly resolving surface problems. In 1988, hot tub sales reach 280,000. By the 1990’s consumers grew smarter and instead of hoping the product worked they expected it to work, and hot tub manufacturers had to step up the quality of their products. In 1995, the first synthetic cabinet came out to replace the wooden cabinet.  The no maintenance cabinet grew in popularity, and the old wooden cabinet became obsolete. By the middle of the 1990’s the smaller hot tub companies disappear and leave behind the top manufacturers.


In 2000, people start to realize that hot tubs can be used for medicinal reasons also, not just parties and relaxing.In 2007, the economy plunged and put a hit on the hot tub industries.  Only the top companies are left; they keep servicing and wait it out. Now, hot tubs have become popular again and more efficient than ever before. The same companies that started everything over 30 years ago are still the leading spa manufacturer. They are continually upgrading their hot tubs to be more cost efficient to run and more budget friendly. Every year something new and exciting hits the market.

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  1. I have been trying to find a portable hot tub like I had in 1995. It was not a blow up one like now but looked like a large, round hassock with a lid that fit inside the round edges. I never had problems with moisture in the room it was set up in. It was just a plug and play. It had some jets, not real powerful like the one we have outside now. I want it for a small space and I am having trouble locating one like it. I do not want the blow up kind but want it as a lightweight alternative to the traditional, larger, more involved kinds in showrooms that are permanent fixtures. I cannot remember the brand name of it and was wondering if anyone remembers them or knows what happened to them, or if there is anything comparable to it.

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