“Serving Up” Tips for Selecting the Right Indoor Volleyball System

It’s fall and that means scary costumes, great food, and of course volleyball season! Just as the players and coaches prep for the season, the facility managers must get ready as well, and if your old system is looking worse for wear then maybe it’s time to “pancake” that bad boy and look for something new. At Recreation Unlimited, we know that can be quite the task, so we are here to “assist” you with that choice! Below are 3 simple questions to help you jump start the process of choosing the system that is best for your program!

Indoor Volleyball Systems

1: What are the current conditions?

One of the most overlooked steps to replacing a volleyball system is finding one that makes the switch seamless. There are several types of volleyball systems (portable, ceiling hung, above ground) but the most common is an in ground sleeve mounted post. More often than not, the sleeve itself will not need replaced,so the inside diameter of the sleeve (or outside diameter of existing post) will need to be measured to pick a compatible new system. This will allow a smooth transition when purchasing a new post system.

NOTE: There are exceptions to every rule, however, so if you find a system that you love but doesn’t fit your current sleeve, contact our commercial department at (317) 776-7830 and we can help you with a custom base adapter that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too!

2: Who is using the system?

This is another crucial step to picking the right system. Not all sleeve mounted systems are created equal. Some are designed for competition, while others are multi-sport capable. If your facility needs quick change out for volleyball, tennis, and badminton, then a multi-sport system would be preferred. If your facility is typically only used for competition games, a telescoping system would be what you need.

3: Who is setting up the system?

If your system is set up by young players, size and weight play a huge part in your decision. In the past, old heavy steel posts were the only option. And while they provide rigid support and little deflection, they are very heavy and awkward to set up and store. If you are concerned about this, an aluminum system is the way to go. Aluminum systems are much more prevalent and are built rigid, but also make setup a breeze.

Now that you know the necessary size, style, and material, you can narrow down your choices. When you’re ready to discuss the options and take that next step toward purchasing your new system, contact Recreation Unlimited. We can provide you with a complete system, or just a volleyball net or other equipment. And now is the perfect time, as we are currently offering a 20% discount on all indoor post-mounted volleyball systems! We have a system for every size, use, and set up, and would love to help get you ready for your games.

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And if you have or play in a facility that does not utilize the sleeve mounted post system, we can help you too! From overhead ceiling suspended to entirely portable volleyball systems we have you covered. Don’t let your season get spiked- contact our commercial staff today at (317) 776-7830 and be ready to serve up a great season for your squad!

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