Lounge-Worthy Valentines Date Ideas

We all know that the past year has been anything but relaxing. Your first instinct may be to rush to make a dinner reservation or sneak away to an expensive getaway this Valentine’s Day, but why not spend the evening in the comfort of your own home instead? Especially knowing that Valentine’s Day is the busiest night of the year for most restaurants. Think you might give this a try? If so, check out the ten creative ideas below. After all, the atmosphere in your home will often be quieter and more intimate. The possibilities are endless, send the kiddos to bed early with a new movie or book!

Youtube a New Recipe You’ve Been Wanting to Try Together

Have you been wanting to try that fancy Italian dish you’ve had pinned for months? Now’s a perfect time and it gives you an excuse to also pick out a great wine pairing. Woohoo! Bottoms up!

Create the Perfect Spa Experience at Home

Whip out the robes and spend the evening relishing in comfiness. Dim the lights and light some candles to set the mood. Use essential oils for extra relaxation and take turns giving pedicures in a foot spa or massages.

Board Game Night

Use this opportunity to purchase some new games and spend the night snacking and gaming. If you and your sweetie are extra competitive like mine maybe keep that in mind when picking the game! It is Valentine’s Day after all!

Scavenger Hunt

Create clues that lead your partner to different areas around your home. Make it even more fun and have a small gift with each clue that is found. You can do this for each other and all the gifts can be used together for your Valentine’s evening at the end of the hunt!

Create a Nacho or Mac n’ Cheese Bar

Turn your kitchen island into the ultimate comfort food dream. Cover the island in some foil and sprawl out all your favorites! What’s more attractive than a food coma?

Connect with your Inner Mixologist

Use the evening to give new cocktails a swing. Buy all the goods and work together to try out new drinks. Don’t worry, if you haven’t perfected the bottle toss there’s no judgment since you’ll be in your own home!

Have an Intimate Q & A Session

Google lists of intimate Q&A or splurge and pick up one of the pre-made question boxes.  There’s no better way to provoke deep conversation.

Movie Night

I know what you’re thinking, haven’t we spent the last year doing nothing but Netflix & Chilling? Humor me, dig out the air mattress and spend the night in the living room. Use the change of scenery to host a picnic on the living room floor and follow it up with a sweet treat by roasting marshmallows by the fireplace. Or for those of us without a romantic, cozy fireplace, it’s okay to use the microwave too!

Remember We Are All Kids at Heart!

Have a nerf gun war. Plan ahead by picking out your best weapon and spend the evening sneaking around the house trying to avoid your nerf enemy. It’s not only the kids who enjoy nerf guns and you know it!


Is your partner a gaming addict by chance? Embrace that addiction and spend the evening playing a video game you both picked. Or, dig out the old Nintendo 64 and embrace Mario Kart or James Bond. Nothing like reminiscing about our childhoods.

Wait… one more! You could spend the night in your hot tub. Is there really a better Valentine’s gift than a new hot tub? Yes, I’m saying go check out the fancy-schmancy models on our website now. You know you want to.

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