Newly Renovated Showroom and Spa University

Our newly renovated spa warehouse features over 30 hot tubs on display. We are proud to offer the finest hot tubs available with Cal Spa and Caldera. Our wet test room gives you a chance to personally “test drive” the spas (please call ahead for wet test appointments). We have many models available for immediate installation and you can rest assured knowing you are working with the largest recreation company in Hamilton county. Over 25 years in business means that we will be here when and if you need us for years of service and assistance with your spa of choice.

In celebration of our newly renovated showroom, we will be offering our Spa University classes that will feature our resident expert, Charles Moore, at no charge. Charles comes to us with a background and experience of over 10 years in the spa industry. Charles will provide tips and helpful hints to keep your tub looking fantastic year round, including understanding how and why you should be treating your water properly.

While you’re waiting on the next Spa University date, go ahead and download our spa buyer’s guide.
Download Our Spa Buyer’s Guide

To all that attend one of our Spa University classes, you will receive a free $10 coupon to be used immediately on any chemical purchase of your choice. In addition, we will be offering free water testing during your visit. Please bring in a sample of your water in a water bottle container (please don’t use any type of container that has ever contained food as it can throw off our water testing).

Spa University classes start at 2PM on the second Sunday of every month

Classes should last about 30-45 mins, depending on questions. Note, these events are 100% free and not limited to current customers; anyone interested is invited.

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