Outdoor Play Reduces Stress

Remember when you were a kid? Running on the playground, maybe your parents pushing you high into the sky on a swing or simply riding your bike with the wind blowing in your hair? While those activities are certainly fun, outdoor play is extremely important to the development of children’s social skills while relieving stress (that packs a lot of benefits, too)! Kids naturally want to be outside and thrive on active play outdoors. It allows them to explore their environment (think finding bugs, collecting rocks, climbing), develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence.

Outdoor play lets kids be…kids!

The National Association for the Education of Young Children recommends, “unstructured physical play as a developmentally appropriate means of reducing stress – a valuable benefit given that stress has a negative impact on learning and health.”

Outdoor play allows kids to have freedom and have control over their own world for short periods of time. They can run, climb, laugh, and just be…well, kids! Sunlight is also crucial in overall well being as the immune system thrives on it. Natural light also triggers the production of vitamin D, which a number of studies have shown increases academic learning and productivity.

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