Safety Tips on a Springfree Trampoline

Have you ever wondered what makes Springfree the safest trampoline on the market? Dr. Keith Alexander is the man behind this incredible creation. Fifteen years in the making, the Springfree trampoline has been through countless tests and development stages to get where it is today. With no impact points or clunky springs, this trampoline is sure to be your child’s (and your backyard’s!) best friend.


Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind that will ensure everyone has a safe and fun jumping experience.

One at a Time

Always have an adult present who can supervise the jumpers and make sure everyone is following the rules to ensure that children can have the most enjoyment out of their trampoline. One at a time is an important rule that should be followed no matter where you are jumping. Smaller and lighter jumpers are especially more likely to be injured when there are multiple jumpers, so it is important to enforce the “one at a time” rule.

Flips and Flops

Untrained or ill-skilled jumpers run a high risk of injuries and also landing awkwardly. When setting the rules for your trampoline let it be known that flipping on the trampoline is not allowed.

Keep it Clean

When using your Springfree, leave toys outside of the trampoline. Toys and other objects on the jumping surface can lead to serious injuries. Jumping on a free space with only a rubber ball for the FlexrHoop will be loads of fun and great exercise.

Steer Clear

When your child is jumping make sure that everyone is mindful and steers clear of them. Do not allow other children or pets to go below the mat when someone is jumping. This will cause injuries to either the jumper or the person that is underneath.

Learn the Basics

Take some time before purchasing and/or jumping to learn the basics of jumping. In the long run, this will help you stay in control and also stay safe. Before attempting to bounce you must first know how to stop safely. To stop, bend your knees right as you touch down on the trampoline. Not bending your knees enough will cause you to recoil again.

Enter & Exit Safely

Whether you are entering or exiting your Springfree use the help of a step ladder. The FlexrStep bends with you as you step on and off the ladder. This will help reduce injuries and falling out of the trampoline as you step onto the ground.

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