Top 5 Reasons You Need a Swim Spa

Do you want to experience benefits of a swimming pool but also the relaxing and soothing effects of a hot tub? Better yet, what if you could do this cost-effectively? The answer is: you need a swim spa! Fitness or swim spas produce a powerful current that brings the freedom and enjoyment of swimming right to the comfort of your own backyard! Not only that, swim spas are the perfect set-up for relaxation as well. Below are the top 5 reasons as to why you need to invest in your very own Swim Spa.

1. Exercise

Say goodbye to the feeling of fatigue that takes over your entire body when you perform traditional fitness exercises. Water helps remove the pressure from your body, allowing you t feel weightless in the water. No need to worry about soreness or aching joints the next day! The weightless feeling that the water’s buoyancy provides decreases the impact on your body. The best part? You’ll get a great workout without even realizing it!

2. Year Round Use

It’s no secret that Indiana winters aren’t the warmest, but that’s no problem with a swim spa. In fact, most people enjoy using their spa even more during the winter months. Swim spas allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round because while it may be cold outside, the water in the spa definitely is not!

3. Maintenance

With a swim spa, you’ll spend more time enjoying your spa than taking care of it. Your water and electric will be significantly less compared with owning a swimming pool. Because a swim spa takes a lot less water than a swimming pool, you will have fewer chemicals to buy. Also, swim spas include a cover that keeps the water nice and toasty, so less energy is needed to keep it warm.

4. Hydrotherapy Benefits

Swim spas provide the same wellness benefits as a hot tub! Swim spas are equipped with jets that target specific areas of the body and are guaranteed to make you feel relaxed. You will feel better and sleep better. Say goodbye to the daily stresses and hello to the countless relaxing evenings that await. Plus, after you are done working out, let the spa soothe away tension and soreness with healing hydrotherapy.

5. Space Efficient

It seems like yards are just getting smaller and smaller these days, depending on where you live. Neighborhoods and towns are trying to squeeze in as many houses as possible to keep up with the demands of a growing population. And many people don’t want to give up what little space they do have to put a swimming pool in. Luckily, swim spa is a perfect size that doesn’t take up too much space, so you can still enjoy the perks of having a yard. Plus, some HOAs will not approve a swimming pool, but will approve a swim spa!

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