Which Swing Is Right For My Child?

At Recreation Unlimited we offer a variety of different swings for children of all ages. When you purchase a new Woodplay playset, it will generally come standard with two belt swings and a trapeze bar, depending on the set chosen. Let’s take a look at a few of our standard swings, size and weight restrictions (if applicable), and the notable differences.

Sling or Belt Swing

These swings are the most popular among all ages because they are designed for any size, big or small. The swing itself is made from the toughest reinforced plastic (the same material used in commercial settings), so it’s incredibly durable. The chain is coated in a strong galvanized Plastisol to prevent any pinching of small fingers. This basic swing comes standard with all of our Woodplay playsets, like the Jungle Swinger and Tiger Tower.

Half Bucket Swing

The half bucket is made for toddlers who are not quite ready for the “big kid” swing. It is rust resistant and very heavy duty for extreme swinging. The bucket design prevents falls off the back of the swing, and the safety belt keeps children from slipping out the front. Both chains are also vinyl dipped to prevent pinched fingers. We advise that you make sure your child is able to sit by him/herself and cannot wiggle out from underneath the safety belt. The UV protective polymer seat has a weight limit of 75 pounds.

Full Bucket Swing

Our full bucket is the most popular for children that can’t yet swing by themselves. The flexible rubber seat allows children to turn and swing safely. Recreation Unlimited’s full bucket swing includes galvanized bucket hangers and a polymer molded seat. This seat is recommended for children starting at 18 months up through age 4.

Economy Baby Swing

This safe and sturdy baby swing offers two safety features for your child: two straps help secure your child’s torso and an additional wide seat belt front that slides up and down on the rope to help you place your little one securely into the swing. A high back is also featured for added support of your child’s head and neck. We recommend starting your child out in this seat at around 7 months of age and working them into the different seats as he/she grows and can support him/herself. This swing is designed for children up to 40 pounds.

In addition to our standard swings, we also have several non-traditional swings and gliders for those who’d like to add a unique twist to their playset. Call us at (317) 773-3545 to learn more about how to customize your playset, or better yet – come see us in person at our Noblesville showroom. We look forward to serving you!

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