Why Redwood?


If you remember playing on a backyard playset as a child, you probably have fond memories of climbing, swinging, sliding, and creating an imaginative world of play. And now it’s time to introduce your own children to the magic of unstructured playtime!

As you’re shopping for the perfect playset to add to your backyard, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is which wood to choose. Woodplay offers playsets in Cedar and Redwood. Both are exceptional woods that result in high-quality playsets. Redwood, however, is the preferred choice for many homeowners, and we’ve outlined a few of the reasons why:

Lifetime Warranty

Every Redwood playset from Woodplay includes an extensive lifetime warranty that protects all wooden components against structural failure, and metal components against rust or breakage. The warranty also applies to Woodplay’s exclusive Super Slide, Hurricane Slide, and Alpine Slide. So what does this mean? In a nutshell, it means you can rest easy knowing your Redwood playset includes warranty coverage for life!

Insect Resistance

We get it – bugs are part of nature! And while your little ones might be fascinated by the creepy-crawlies of the great outdoors, such critters can wreak havoc on wooden playsets. Well, most wooden playsets, that is! Redwood is uniquely resistant to insects and requires no dangerous chemical preservatives to maintain its integrity.


Environmentally friendly choices are top priority for Woodplay. Redwood is one of the fastest-growing tree species in the world, making it a very sustainable source for playset wood. Woodplay is proud to be “Red and Green” so you can enjoy the beauty of the Redwood in your own backyard without the worry of forest depletion.


We find that many people choose Redwood simply because they love the way it looks (combined with the added benefits previously mentioned, of course). And we have to agree – there’s just something special about the deep, rich color of a beautiful Redwood playset.

A sustainably sourced, Redwood playset is an excellent investment that your little ones are sure to love for years to come. And with a lifetime warranty, you never have to worry about the integrity or longevity of your playset. Want to learn more about Redwood and explore your playset options? Call Recreation Unlimited at (317) 773-3545. Or better yet, come visit our Noblesville showroom to see (and try out!) a variety of Woodplay playsets in person.

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Molly Campbell