Town of Buffalo, Indiana

Location: Buffalo, IN
Age range: 2-12
Completion: 15 days
Budget: $150 – $200k

Our commercial division took on a massive project for the town of Buffalo, Indiana. This new play park was built next to the local baseball field and would serve as an iconic point in the community. The project took our division 15 days to complete.

In the process of constructing a new park system in the town of Buffalo, we looked at a lot of play ground equipment vendors. We selected Recreation Unlimited for their expertise, service, quality, product choice, and availability.
Mike McCormick, Liberty Township Park Superintendent


There are two large play structures and many smaller structures that make up this play structure. There are 9 slides in total! Included are a triple twister, dual express, wave slide, and (2) two spiral tube slides. The side-by-side curly tube slides give the main play structure a unique geometric look. The colors are bold and playful.

Travis Goebel and all the folks at Recreation Unlimited are very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Recreation Unlimited made the whole process very easy from the first thought to planning, and construction.
Mike McCormick, Liberty Township Park Superintendent


This project incorporated engineered wood fibre safety surfacing, which is non-toxic, has no contaminants, or heavy metals. It’s probably the most common playground surfacing solution. The surfacing is contained with functional border timbers that help keep the wood fiber mulch in place during heavy traffic. They also provide a nice border for the play area.

Find It

We invite you to drive by and take a look at the play structure if you are nearby. The location is on the map below.