Meridian Health Services

Location: Muncie, IN
Age range: Toddler-12
Completion: 2 weeks
Budget: $75 – $100k

Our commercial division at Recreation Unlimited recently completed an exciting playground project for the Susan Gresham Center at Meridian Health Services in Muncie, Indiana.

We had as much fun working on the project with the folks at Recreation Unlimited as the kids are now having on the playground itself!

Travis was with us every step of the way, helping two departments that had never worked together collaborate and develop a custom design that made everyone happy. Timelines were developed, deadlines were met, and budgets were hit. Communication was thorough throughout. But most importantly, on the day of our ribbon cutting our donors were thrilled! I know we’ll be doing more ‘work’ (if you can call it that) with Recreation Unlimited.


This playground has a lot of different features. The tree toppers on the playground structure give it a nature type of feel along with all of the green & brown colors. Some features of the structure include a spiral slide, net climber & a rock wall. There is also a row of ground level panels next to the structure which can be utilized by children in wheelchairs. The customer wanted this playground to be for toddlers all the way up to 12 year olds, so we installed a toddler climbing structure on top of pour-in-place rubber surfacing.


Most of the surfacing for this playground is our Engineered Hardwood Playground Mulch but we did install a small pad of our Pour-In-Place rubber surfacing. We installed the PIP underneath the toddler climbing structure. The playground is also bordered with our 12″ tall black plastic timbers. We installed this playground ‘below grade’ so that the top of the timbers would be flush with the grass.

Find It

We invite you to drive by and take a look at the play structure if you happen to be in the Muncie area. The playground is located near the Ball State University campus, and the exact location is on the map below. If you’re looking for a quote on a commercial playground, or maybe just starting the process and would like to speak with our team about your options, send us an email, or give us a call at (317) 776-7830.