Play School at Legacy – Carmel

Location: Carmel, IN
Age range: 2-12
Completion: 14 days
Budget: $100 – $150k

Our commercial division just finished an awesome project for The Play School at Legacy in Carmel, Indiana. The Legacy school is a brand new location for The Play School with a state of the art interior space and now a wonderful outdoor play area. If you’d like to see how this project came together, the video at the bottom shows a speedy time lapse of the 14-day project from start to finish.

We had so much fun taking our school’s aquatic theme and extending it to our outdoor playground and building a creative, eye catching, fun and safe play space!… We look forward to the next opportunity to work together to build another Play School playground!
Katie Guerra, The Play School at Legacy


The structures include a pirate boat theme and an island theme. The main play set is a blue and red pirate ship design from Playcraft Systems. It hosts features such as double curved slides, a climbing rock wall, rock steps, and double traversing rings.


This project featured “Poured in Place” safety surfacing, which is a rubber surface that can be customized to different colors, designs, and shapes. It’s high quality surfacing that protects and lasts through years of use. It has a light, springy feel when stepped on and is extremely safe for children at play. This poured in place design is made to look like the pirate boat is in the water and the second structure is on an island with sand and a shore line. It feels like you’re on an island, and makes it easy for children to let their imaginations work while playing.


The project was finished precisely as the before rendering was created. Our commercial team provides these renderings for every new project we take on. This rendering gave The Play School a perfect visual idea of what their new playground would look like before the project even began.

We just can’t THANK YOU enough for building us the most incredible playground for the children of The Play School at Legacy! You were absolutely the best, most professional vendor we have ever worked with… You spent significant time learning our business and listening to our needs. It was clear from the start that you knew all the age and equipment laws and regulations, and you helped us meet the stringent child care licensing rules in our industry.

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Time Lapse

This project was completed in roughly 14 days from start to finish. Watch the quick video to see the entire project from start to finish happen in under 3 minutes.

Find It

We invite you to drive by and take a look at the play structure if you are nearby. The location is on the map below. If you’re looking for a quote on a commercial playground, or maybe just starting the process and would like to speak with our team on your options, follow the link below to our Commercial section.