Cal Spas PZ-722B

Warehouse Sale Special

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Warehouse Sale Special Cal Spas PZ-722B
*Colors may vary depending on current inventory.

Shell Color Shown: Sterling
Cabinet Color Shown: Mist

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Display Number: SPA-722B
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Status: Available
Condition: Discounted Display
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Location: Noblesville Showroom
Manufacturer: Cal Spas
Installation: Please call 317-773-3545 for an Installation & Delivery Quote

Pump: HD Power Frame Pump – 1 x 2.0 BHP (1×1.0 HP)
Operating Voltage: 11-V/240V
Stainless Steel Jets: 21
Turbo Diverter Whirlpool Jet: 1
LED Lighting: Multi-Color

Seating: 6 Adults
Dimensions: 84″x 84″x 37″
Water Capacity: 425 (1,609 L)