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Warehouse Sale Special CV60

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Location: Cicero Warehouse & Outlot
Manufacturer: Goalrilla
Installation: Please call 317-773-3545 for an Installation & Delivery Quote!
Inventory Number: 16724

The GOALRILLA CV60 uses welded, ultra-wide span arms and a welded steel board frame to create an unobstructed, clear view and consistent rebound across the glass (a proven design inspired by earlier Goalrilla basketball systems). Plus, the CV60 is capable of handling over 1000 lbs. of vertical torque to the rim. That makes it one of the Goalrilla basketball goals that are built to take on anything the suburbs can throw at it. The CV60 is pure Goalrilla through and through. It’s one of the toughest outdoor basketball hoops on the planet. Goalrilla CV 60 THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR GAME.™

Comes with Anchor, Backboard Pad & Pole Pad

  • 3/8″ Tempered Glass Backboard, 60″ x 38″
  • One Piece Steel Post, 11 GA Steel 6″ x 6″ x 10′
  • Heavy Weight, Pro-style Flex Rim
  • 3′ Overhang Welded Extension Arms
  • Adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet
  • Powder Coated Painted
  • Solid Anchor Bolt System for Maximum Stability, Easy Move
  • Widespread Support Arms
  • Actuator Handle: Removable with a pin to lock in height temporarily. Great for keeping goal at 10 feet for commercial use or keeping your teenager on track at home for playing competitively.