Spa Accessories


Spa Side Handrail

Our handrail pivots so that the curved upper portion can face inward or outward for support when you enter or leave the spa. The base plate slips securely under the spa cabinet for stability.


Spa Side Umbrella

The large 9’9” diameter canopy of our umbrella pivots to cover either your spa or patio. The base slips under the spa cabinet to help provide stability. Canopy fabric is available in either Creme or Navy.


Hot Tub Steps

Caldera offers spa steps to provide safe and easy entry and exit from your hot tub. Our spa steps come in different varieties so you can match the design of your hot tub. Choose from our EcoTech® Steps, Polymer Steps, and StoneScape Steps.

Hot Tub Speakers

Sound System with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Whether you choose to stream music live, or have your own library of downloaded tunes, this entertainment system allows you to conveniently enjoy music from your Bluetooth® enabled device at the spa, using Bluetooth® wireless technology.


Replacement Pillows

When it’s time to replace the pillows on your spa, ask your Caldera dealer for the pillows that were custom-designed for the model of spa you own.

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Cover Lifters

A well-designed hot tub cover lifter is important for the efficient use of your cover. A variety of cover lifter choices are available so you can choose the one that works best in your brand and space.

Please Note: The above images are for example purposes only.  Each accessory for your hot tub may look different.  Please contact our sales staff at 317-773-3545 for more details.

Covana Automatic Spa Covers

Covana’s fully automatic spa covers make hot tub ownership easier than ever. With just the turn of a key, your hot tub is open and ready for use!

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