Wood Gazebos

Manufacturer: Country Lane
Availability: Custom order

  • Rich, Traditional Look & Feel
  • Can be painted OR stained
  • Made from #1 Premium grade pressure treated lumber
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty

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A wood gazebo will look wonderful in your backyard, patio, or pool area. Our wood gazebos come in many sizes and with many options. Each is constructed from #1 Premium grade pressure treated lumber to withstand years of outdoor use. Our gazebos are engineered to withstand strong winds and heavy snow loads. In fact, the craftsmanship and materials are backed by a ten year limited warranty.

Available Styles and Sizes:

  • Octagon

    Octagonal Gazebo Sizes

    When most people think of a gazebo, the traditional octagonal style comes to mind. The simplicity and elegance of an octagon gazebo provides a classic and inviting atmosphere that’s a perfect addition to any backyard.

    8′ 10′
    8′ x 8′ 10′ x 10′
    8′ x 10′ 10′ x 12′

  • Oval

    Oval Gazebo Sizes

    An oval gazebo offers a classic look with additional seating and more floor space.

    8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′
    8′ x 12′ 10′ x 12′ 12′ x 14′ 14′ x 16′ 16′ x 20′
    8′ x 16′ 10′ x 14′ 12′ x 16′ 14′ x 18′ 16′ x 24′
    10′ x 16′ 12′ x 18′ 14′ x 20′ 16′ x 28′
    10′ x 18′ 12′ x 20′ 14′ x 24′ 16′ x 32′
    10′ x 20′ 12′ x 24′ 14′ x 28′
    14′ x 32′

  • Rectangle

    Rectangular Gazebo Sizes

    Rectangular gazebos are ideal for those wishing to maximize living space. They’re great for hot tubs and as multi-purpose outdoor rooms.

    8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′
    8′ x 12′ 10′ x 10′ 12′ x 12′ 14′ x 16′ 16′ x 16′
    8′ x 16′ 10′ x 12′ 12′ x 14′ 14′ x 18′ 16′ x 20′
    10′ x 14′ 12′ x 16′ 14′ x 20′ 16′ x 24′
    10′ x 16′ 12′ x 18′ 14′ x 24′ 16′ x 28′
    10′ x 18′ 12′ x 20′ 14′ x 28′ 16′ x 32′
    10′ x 20′ 12′ x 24′ 14′ x 32′

  • Large

    Large Gazebo Sizes

    Large wooden gazebos are available in any shape. The bigger sizes mean there’s more room to accommodate larger groups, making them perfect for parks, hotels, and wedding venues.

    Octagon Oval Rectangle Dodecagon
    16′ 20′ x 24′ 20′ x 20′ 20′
    18′ 20′ x 28′ 20′ x 24′ 22′
    20′ 20′ x 32′ 20′ x 28′ 24′
    20′ x 36′ 20′ x 32′ 26′
    20′ x 40′ 20′ x 36′ 28′
    20′ x 40′ 30′

The Heart of Craftsmanship

Traditional Amish gazebos are constructed of wood. Customers love the natural look and feel that wood offers. It can be painted or stained and refinished. Garden gazebos constructed with wood also provide a warm atmosphere for feel.

Our standard wooden gazebos are made of pressure-treated southern yellow pine. The heavy-duty floor consists of double 2×6 joists and solid 2×6 wood decking boards.

The 4×4 posts are laminated as standard, and support 36″ high hand railings. They come with arched corner braces and 6″ top spindles. The roof is built with double 2×4 rafters, and sheeted with beautiful 1×6 tongue & groove boards, covered with roofing paper and architectural asphalt shingles.

Our gazebos are also:

  • Assembled with stainless steel screws and glue coated galvanized fasteners
  • Engineered to withstand strong winds & heavy snow loads
  • Made from #1 Premium grade pressure treated lumber
  • Backed by a ten year limited warranty

24″ Western Red Cedar Shingles
The optional red cedar shingles are made with high quality cedar, offering a traditional look.
Stainless Steel Screws
Stainless steel screws help to maintain the long life of your gazebo and offer a finished appearance.
2″ x 6″ Braces
These braces offer additional strength and control side motion.
36″ High Rails
Brings railings up from the standard 32″ to 36″. Great for higher elevations.
Extra Strong 2″ x 6″ Decking
2×6 decking means strong construction, plus our hot-dipped galvanized screw nails are designed to stay seated for a lifetime.
Double 2″ x 4″ Rafters
Our double rafters give your gazebo roof a heavy-duty load capacity and help prevent beam warping.
Milled 1″ x 4″ Ceiling Lath
Our milled 1×4 laths allow your cedar roof to breathe and offer a wonderful interior appearance as well.
2″ x 8″ Compression Ring
The compression ring ties the rafters and posts of your gazebo together for additional snow load capacity and wind stability.
Laminated Posts
Our laminated posts resist checking and add strength while giving your gazebo a custom look.
Heavy Duty Railings
The railings on your gazebo are built to last! We utilize heavy-duty lumber to resist wear and vandalism.
#1 Premium Grade Lumber
We use only the highest quality lumber for your gazebo. We mill every piece in-house to reduce splinters and rough edges for a smooth finish and better feel.

  • Wood Stains and Paint

    Wood Gazebo Stains

    (All stains come with waterproofing)


    Wood Gazebo Paint


  • Roofing

    Roof Styles


    roof-pagodaPagoda Roof & Cupola
    roof-pinnicalPinnacle Roof
    roof-bellBell Roof



    Standard Shingles

    (Architectural asphalt shingles standard on all pavilions)


    (Optional) Wood & Rubber Shingles


    (Optional) Metal Roofing


  • Wood Railing Styles

    Rail Styles

    (You may also elect to not have railings)

    (2×3 Straight Spindles Top and Bottom)
    wood-railing-newenglandNew England
    (2×3 Turned Spindles Top and Bottom, Scalloped Facia)
    (2×2 Turned Spindles Top and Bottom, Scalloped Facia)
    wood-railing-baroqueBaroque Rails
    (¼”x1″ Curved Bottom Rails and 2×2 Straight Top)

  • Flooring

    Composite Decking


    Cellular PVC Decking


    Vinyl Topical Decking


  • Color Matched Features

    Standard Post
    Turned Post
    Dutch Braces
    Colonial Braces
    victorian-bracesVictorian Braces
    Free Standing Benches
    Privacy Panels

  • Non Color Matched Features

    Screen Package
    Screen in Floor
    VinylLite Windows
    Electrical Package

  • Additional Options

    • Spindles – Add row
    • 6″ Higher Posts – Creates a higher roof line
    • Stationary Skids – 4″ x 4″ wooden runners under gazebo (fastened permanently)
    • Extra Screen Door – Add multiple entrance points

10 Year Limited Warranty

Country Lane’s 10 year Limited Warranty covers your gazebo from any manufacturing defects that are not caused by normal wear and tear. When used and maintained appropriately, Country Lane Woodworking guarantees that their products will remain structurally sound. Normal wear and tear, fading of exterior surfaces, and general aging, which is common of any outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, is not covered under warranty. As with any building which is located on top of the ground, settling may occur. You also will need to periodically clean, paint, caulk and keep vegetation from growing around the edges of your outdoor building which will cut off ventilation.

The warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser and only to the original location, unless the product was relocated by a County Lane Woodworking approved installer. Relocating the covered product by any other party will automatically invalidate the warranty.

Call Recreation Unlimited at (317) 773-3545 with any questions.

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