Manufacturer: Country Lane
Availability: Custom order

  • Unique curved joists
  • Decorative Scalloped Ends
  • Available in Low Maintenance Vinyl
  • The perfect centerpiece for romantic dinners & entertaining

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The Arcadian pergola is part of the arched pergolas series, which come with curved joists to create an elegant look and feel. The perfect compliment to any backyard or garden, our Arcadian pergolas mimic the natural lines and curves in nature. They have squared or rounded posts and a beautiful arched top that provides partial shade and architectural interest.

An arched pergola, like the Arcadian, adds an aura of romance to any backyard. Built for those who appreciate beauty in details, a curved pergola design creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for two, or a pool party for the whole neighborhood, an arched pergola provides the perfect backdrop.


8′ (arch side) 10′ (arch side) 12′ (arch side) 14′ (arch side) 11′ (straight side) 13′ (straight side) 15′ (straight side) 17′ (straight side)
A 7′ 1.5″ 7′ 1.5″ 7′ 1.5″ 7′ 1.5″
B 8′ 0.25″ 8′ 3.25″ 8′ 6.25″ 8′ 8.25″
C 8′ 9″ 9′ 9′ 3″ 9′ 5″
D 6′ 7.75′ 8′ 7.75″ 10′ 7.75″ 12′ 7.75″
E 9′ 8.5″ 11′ 8.5″ 13′ 8.5″ 15′ 8.5″
F 9′ 9.25″ 11′ 9.25″ 13′ 9.25″ 15′ 9.25″
G 12′ 8″ 14′ 8″ 16′ 8″ 18′ 8″

A = Under side of Header Measurement
B = Under side of Arch Rafter
C = Overall Height Measurement
D = Center to Center of Post Measurement (Even Side)
E = Center to Center of Post Measurement (Odd Side)
F = Overall 2×6 Arch Rafter Measurement
G = Overall 2×6 Stringer Measurement

Vinyl Pergola Colors


Post Options

8×8 Vinyl Post
For a robust look
with Braces
Superior Post
Added element of refinement
10″ Column
Invokes a Mediterranean feel

Standard Arcadian Pergola Features

Arcadian pergolas include a maintenance-free white vinyl top, solid pressure-treated wood 6×6 posts sleeved in vinyl and decorative base and capital. They also feature double 2×8 headers with pressure treated wood sleeved in white vinyl for strength and a non-sagging appearance. Full width 2×6 arched rafter joists span across the shorter side and 2×2 runners span the longer side. Engineered anchor brackets for anchoring to concrete pads and wood decks are also included.

6×6 Post and Skirt
Post Trim
Arched Joists

10 Year Limited Warranty

Country Lane’s 10 year Limited Warranty covers your pergola from any manufacturing defects that are not caused by normal wear and tear. When used and maintained appropriately, Country Lane Woodworking guarantees that their products will remain structurally sound. Normal wear and tear, fading of exterior surfaces, and general aging, which is common of any outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, is not covered under warranty. As with any building which is located on top of the ground, settling may occur. You also will need to periodically clean, paint, caulk and keep vegetation from growing around the edges of your outdoor building which will cut off ventilation.

The warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser and only to the original location, unless the product was relocated by a County Lane Woodworking approved installer. Relocating the covered product by any other party will automatically invalidate the warranty.

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