2by2 Flex Spikes (Pack of 4)

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From: $49.00
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  • Pack of 4 flex spikes
  • Available in 5 lengths: 12″, 20″, 28″, 36″, and 42″
  • Used to connect border timbers and anchor them to the ground
  • Lightweight, affordable, readily available for fast shipping
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 5-year limited warranty

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Flex spikes are available as an alternative to traditional galvanized steel spikes and are designed to be used in the same way – to secure playground and Gaga Pit border timbers to one another and anchor them to the ground. The flex spikes are made from impact-resistant nylon 66 polymer material that has been formulated to withstand hammer strikes.

Significantly lighter weight than their steel counterparts, flex spikes weigh only about 1/8th as much as steel spikes. This means they cost less to manufacture and ship, so we are able to pass these savings on to you. Flex spikes are made in the USA and are readily available for fast shipping.

Which type of spike is suitable for your installation will depend largely on the composition of the ground where it is to be installed. Flex spike tip: If the ground is too hard, or if you’re having difficulty driving the flex spike into a hard area, use a 5/8” or 3/4” drill bit to create up to a 12” deep “pilot hole” before driving in the spikes. The ground closest to the surface is often the hardest.

Flex spikes are designed to be used with Border Timbers, ADA Ramps, and Gaga Ball Pits. Please note – flex spikes are not to be used with the 2by2 border bench.

Each pack includes 4 impact-resistant nylon 66 polymer flex spikes with 1.5” OD x 3/8” thick cylindrical head. They are available in 5 lengths: 12″, 20″, 28″, 36″, and 42″. Flex spikes include 2by2’s 5-year limited warranty.

Flex Spike Spec Sheet

Flex Spike Installation Instructions

Flex Spike FAQ

Q: Are the Flex Spikes as strong, durable, and reliable as the steel spikes?
A: The surface you’re hitting the spikes into will, in part, determine that conclusion. Flex spikes are not universally accepted in all ground types. They have been field tested in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Oregon. These tests concluded that flex spikes can be used everywhere, but sometimes the ground (or what’s beneath it) can be impenetrable. For that reason, it’s important to know what your local ground is made of. Certain materials like bedrock, sandstone, and limestone won’t accept steel, either!

Q: Are Flex spikes a good option for Gaga Pits?
A: Flex Spikes are a great choice for Gaga Pit installation. The flex spikes actually help the walls flex out a bit (without the spike breaking) when kids inevitably run into or lean against the walls. This creates a little bit of “give” to absorb the impact during play. And since flex spikes reduce the overall weight substantially, you’ll save both money AND potential back pain!

Q: Do Flex Spikes work with Gaga Pit Flooring Kits?
A: Yes! Flex spikes are able to travel through the rubber flooring material and into the ground.

Q: Are the Flex Spikes replacing the steel spikes?
A: Nope. Flex spikes are an alternative to give a readily available, and less expensive option. Steel spikes will continue to be available.

Q: Are these made of plastic? What’s the biggest difference?
A: Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Flex spikes are made from a carefully selected, impact-resistant nylon 66 polymer that has been formulated to withstand strikes from hammers. The biggest difference you’ll notice with the Flex Spikes is their weight (which is approximately 88% less than their steel counterparts). This means they are also easier to transport and cost less to ship.

Q: How strong are they? Do we need to be careful when installing them?
A: Flex spikes are very strong and durable. Though they’re not as forgiving as steel spikes, they can be struck with the same force as their steel counterparts. As long as the installer does not hit at odd angles or routinely mis-hits them, flex spikes install exactly like steel spikes.

Q: Can they break?
A: Yes. During field tests, a few heads broke, and only one spike broke in the middle. It should be noted that every broken spike happened in earth that had debris and natural rock deposits. All other field tests demonstrated that Flex Spikes can be installed in the majority of locations.

Q: Are they made locally? Are they recyclable?
A: Yes! Flex spikes are 100% Made in the USA and 100% recyclable.



2by2 Industries


12" – 42" length with 1.5" OD Button Head


Lightweight and affordable, 100% recyclable, Made in the USA


5-Year Limited Warranty