C-3 Tunnel Escape Vinyl Swing Set / Playset


One of our biggest playset options, the Tunnel Escape feels like an amusement park right in your backyard. This model has it all – Avalanche slide, 7’ Turbo Twister slide, 4-position swing beam, picnic table, sand box, and two flat step ladders with access to a 5’ x 9’ tower and 5’ x 6’ playhouse connected by tower tunnel and bridge.

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Made to last for many years, a Swing Kingdom playset is a great backyard investment. Swing Kingdom playsets are handcrafted with safety and durability top of mind. They are constructed with preserved wood encased in maintenance-free vinyl, which acts as a protective shell around the wood understructure. These premium, vinyl playsets are five times stronger than standard wooden playsets, and are backed by an industry leading 20 year warranty.

C-3 Tunnel Escape Vinyl Swing Set / Playset Specifications:
Overall Dimensions: 38’w x 17’d x 13’h
Weight: 3,416 lbs.
Color: Almond PVC, Green Accents
Tower: 5’ x 9’ Tower, 6’ x 8’ Base, 5’ x 6’ Playhouse w/ 3’ x 6’ Porch, White Siding, Weatherwood Shingles, 2 Windows w/ Screens & Shutters
Deck Height: (2) 5’, 7’
Access: (2) Flat Step Ladder w/ Access Railing
Slide: 10’ Avalanche Slide, 7’ Turbo Twister Slide
Roof: 5’ x 5’ Vinyl w/ Sunrise
Connector: 6’ 6” Tower Tunnel, 6’ 6” Bridge w/ Railing
Swings: (2) Belt Swing, Trapeze, Baby Swing
Anchors: 2 Swing Beam: 4 Position Single Beam
Fun Items: Ship’s Wheel, Telescope, Bubble Panel, 5’ x 5’ Picnic Table
Space Needed: 25’ Deep x 46’ Wide
Border Material: 142’ Landscape Timber
Recommended Amount of Mulch: 4 Tons Rubber Mulch 22 Cubic Yds. Wood Mulch