Freestyle F-1437

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  Seats 6 Adults

  7’9″ x 14’2″ x 51″

  2 Rip Current Jets

  37 Total Jets

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Are you looking to improve your health and overall quality of life without breaking the bank? Then the F-1437 is the perfect swim spa for you! The F-1437 offers a complete at-home aquatic gym so you can enjoy your ideal workout any time. It features the Swim Jet System II with 2 powerful Rip Current jets and 35 stainless steel exclusive candy cane jets.

Swim the endless current at advanced levels using the Jet System II. When your cardio work out is complete, you can keep going using our complete aquatic workout. Feel the jets on your back, legs, and feet as you do bicep building exercises. When your workout is complete, massage your muscles using the precisely positioned water jets in our captain seats.

The Freestyle F-1437 measures 7’9″ x 14’2″ x 51″ and has open bench seating for up to 6 adults to sit comfortably. In addition to the 2 river jets, the Swim-Pro also includes 35 stainless steel candy cane jets. When you’re not getting in laps, sit back and relax as the powerful massage jets work their magic. You’ll also enjoy the ambiance provided by the multi-colored LED lighting.

Get best of both worlds by doing your cardio and bicep work out. When using the fitness handle bar and anchors witness the soft tissue jet massage on your back and foot jets on your feet. When your session is finished you have the luxury of relaxing in our recovery captain seats to help your body facilitate faster.

The Freestyle F-1437 has thermo-shield side panels made with premium insulation. The thermo-layer floor with ABS liner is designed to lock in heat while keeping moisture out. Underneath it all is a pressure-treated wood cabinet frame that’s resistant to decay, bugs, and rot. The swim spa’s shell is engineered with patented 7-layer laminate steel and wood, making it one of the toughest hot tub shells on the market.

For added confidence in choosing Cal Spas swim spa, the Freestyle is covered by a 10-year structural warranty, 7-year finish warranty, and 5-year warranties on labor, cabinet, and parts for purchase confidence. Ready to enjoy the many health benefits of owning a swim spa? Give us a call at (317) 773-3545 and we’ll help you find the perfect fit.


Seating Capacity

7 Person

Seating Style

Bench Seating

Hot Tub Size

XL / Swim Spas


Cal Spas


7'9″ x 14’2″ x 51″

Water Capacity

1,800 (6,056L)

Weight (dry)

1,800 (818 kg)

Weight (filled)

15,028 (6,817kg)

Jet Count



23 Stainless Steel Jets: Exclusive Candy Cane Jets

Swim Spa Jet System

2 Swim Jet System-II River Jets

Stainless Steel Exercise Bar


Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker


Fitness Anchors


Tether Anchor


Water Care Systems

Compatible with Bromine or Chlorine



Water Feature


Multi-color LED Lighting

Multi Colored LED 1 x 5"

Circulation Pump

2 x 6.0 BHP (2 x 3.0HP) Eliminator High Performance™ Pump

Heater Output

5.5kW Titanium Heater

Control System

BP 501G1 Cal-Spa Touch2

Electrical Requirements


Gate Valve(s)


Filter Size

100 sq. ft. (2 x 50 sq. ft.) filter

Energy Efficiency

Thermo-Shield™ Insulation Side Panels and Thermo-Layer Floor with ABS Liner

Ozone System

Twin Pure Silk™ System Dual Ozonators with Mazzei Injectors and Mixing Chambers

Pressure Treated Cabinet


Cabinet Access Drain


LED Dual Hydro-Streamers Plus™ with Valve



Cal Spas Premium Badge on Cabinet

Cabinet Type

Cal Preferred™ Horizontal

Spa Shell Options

Sterling Silver

Cabinet and Step Colors

Smoke or Mist

Cover Colors

Brown or Gray


10 Years (Structural), 7 Years (Finish), 5 Years (Parts, Labor, Cabinet)

Color Options

Owner’s Manuals

Swim Spa Owner’s Manual

Cal Spas makes it easy to access the owner’s manuals for your Cal Spas hot tub. Find owner’s manuals for current and past models. Download manuals in PDF form on the Cal Spas website.

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