FreshWater Clean Screen Pre-Filter


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The Clean Screen Pre-Filter ensures your water is as clean as possible before it even reaches your spa. This pre-filter attaches to your hose and effectively filters out debris and chemicals as you fill your spa. It has a lifespan of 5000 gallons.


Get a jumpstart on spa water maintenance with the Clean Screen Pre-Filter. This unique filter attaches directly to the nozzle of your garden hose to filter the water as you fill your spa. It’s ideal for use as you fill your hot tub or when you need to just top it off.

Because the Clean Screen Pre-Filter doesn’t contain silver ions, it’s compatible with any water care system including chlorine, bromine, and biguanide. Removing contaminants from the water before adding it to your spa decreases the amount of chemicals needed, saving you time and money.







24" x 4" x 4"

Product Type

Additional Maintenance


Filters out organic contaminants, tannins, and metals


Every time you refill your spa


5000 Gallons

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