FreshWater Mineral Spa Sanitizer


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The FreshWater Mineral Spa Sanitizer uses silver ions to naturally and effectively eliminate bacteria in hot tub water. It’s simple to install and each cartridge lasts 4 months.

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Keeping your spa water fresh and clean is made simple with the FreshWater Mineral Spa Sanitizer. Simply put it in your spa’s filter compartment and it will release a steady stream of silver ions. These ions kill bacteria in the hot tub water, thereby lowering the amount on chlorine needed. The cartridge installs easily and only needs changed 3 times per year (once every 4 months). You’ll love the difference you can see, feel, and smell with less chlorine usage and clean, crystal clear water.

What’s in the box :
1 x FreshWater Mineral Spa Sanitizer (2 parts: main body and handle)

  • Reduces potential for unpleasant odor and scum lines
  • Enhanced consumer comfort installs in seconds – right into your spa filter
  • Comes in two parts – the main body and the handle
  • Relax while it consistently and conveniently sanitizes your water
  • Change every 4 months
  • Specifically designed to use with your Caldera spa
  • Compatible with the Freshwater III ozone systems

Active Ingredients:
Metallic Silver** 0.92%
Other Ingredients: 99.08%

**From Silver Nitrate

Not for use with Bromine






Product Type



Change every 4 months


Releases steady stream of silver ions into spa water


Inhibits bacteria growth

Sanitizer System

FreshWater Chlorine, FreshWater Salt

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