FreshWater Salt System Cartridge for Caldera and Hot Spring Hot Tubs (Single Pack)

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Replacement chlorine generating cartridge exclusively for the FreshWater System

The disposable and maintenance-free titanium cartridge, hidden away in the spa, is easy to replace in just a few seconds, without tools. Comes with one replacement filter per pack.

The FreshWater Salt System is an affordable and easy-to-use water care system that keeps spa water clean and clear.

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A disposable titanium cartridge creates chlorine from salt and gently releases it into the water keeping clean and ready to use with less work. Reduced chemical use extends water life and helps it feel soft and natural, so you’ll spend more time enjoying your spa.

The exclusive FreshWater Salt System is an option for all Utopia and Paradise Series Caldera spa models. Available only in the U.S.






Sanitizer System

FreshWater Salt


Generates sanitizers to keep the spa water fresh, clear and odor-free


1 maintenance-free titanium cartridge


Keep spa water clean and clear with less harsh chemicals