FreshWater Salt System Start-Up Kit


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FreshWater Salt System Start-Up Kit includes everything you need to get your spa up and running with the Freshwater Salt sanitizing system. Keeping your hot tub water clean and clear doesn’t have to be a hassle with this easy-to-use salt water system, which keeps your water sanitized for a full year.*

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The Freshwater Salt system uses salt to generate chlorine automatically reducing the time spent measuring and adding chemicals. A disposable titanium cartridge creates chlorine from salt. The salt is then gently released into the water, keeping clean and ready to use with less work. Reduced chemical usage extends water life while giving it a soft and natural feel. Spend more time enjoying your spa and less time worrying about maintenance.

This unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever by removing the worrisome guesswork of maintaining your spa water.

The FreshWater Salt System Start-Up Kit Includes:

  • Salt System Controller/hardware
  • 1 Freshwater Salt System Cartridge (lasts 4 months)
  • 1 10 lb bag of salt
  • 1 bottle of Freshwater 5 way test strips
  • 1 bottle of Salt test trips
  • 1 Vanishing Act calcium remover
  • Start-up instructions

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*Many factors impact the life of the hot rub water, such as bather load and water chemistry. When these factors are accounted for and the spa is properly maintained, the FreshWater Sale System will keep water clean and clear for a full year.






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Everything you need to get started with your FreshWater salt system

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