SilkBalance 3-in-1 Spa Care Kit


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The SilkBalance 3-in-1 Spa Care Kit is the perfect way to start your journey to soft, clear, pH balanced, and odor-free spa water. This kit contains all three of the trusted SilkBalance family of products in one box: 1 SilkBalance Gems (16 Gems), 1 Shock Gems (40 Gems), 1 Clean Start (237ml/8oz liquid).

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Step into fresh, silky soft, and crystal clear hot tub water with SilkBalance!

SilkBalance products are designed to soften, clarify, and enhance your hot tub water. They also maintain pH balance and reduce chemical usage, thereby saving you time and money. Just getting started with SilkBalance? We recommend our SilkBalance system water care kit that conveniently combines everything you need to enjoy the softest, clearest, hot tub water imaginable.

The SilkBalance System

1. Clean Start
Clean Start should be used before the first time you use the SilkBalance system and each time you drain and refill your spa. This powerful liquid formula works hard to ensure your plumbing is properly cleaned and reaches buildup you cannot see.

2. Silkbalance Gems
These are used as a weekly treatment to keep your spa water soft, clear, and pH balanced. Silkbalance Gems are tablets added to the filter compartment or jet stream. No measuring needed! They are designed for weekly use.

3. Shock Gems
Shock Gems are a special shock treatment tablet added to the filter compartment or jet stream after each time you use your spa. They help keep your water balanced and soft, ready for your next soak.

Always add SilkBalance on the same day every week.
Always maintain sanitizer in the recommended range.

Please Note: SilkBalance products are NOT sanitizers. You will still need to use whichever sanitization system you have chosen and is appropriate for your hot tub (i.e. salt water, chlorine, bromine, biguanide, etc.). The SilkBalance system is designed to perfectly complement your spa’s sanitizer to optimize your hot tub’s performance and provide you with consistently clear, soft, and pH balanced water. Add SilkBalance to your spa water maintenance routine and enjoy your hot tub at peak performance year-round.

The SilkBalance products are compatible with all spa sanitizers (though please note that SilkBalance Plus is specifically designed for salt water hot tubs). These products are created with convenience in mind and are designed to be used in conjunction with one another for maximum effectiveness.






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Create soft, clear water and eliminate the need for excessive chemicals

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