W02 Single Story Cabin : 12’x14′


Display Number: W02
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Location: Indianapolis Northwest Outlot
Manufacturer: Recreation Unlimited
Installation: Please call 317-773-3545 for an Installation & Delivery Quote!
Inventory Number: 33809

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  • 6’x12′ End Porch w/ Loft
  • Screen Door
  • Porch Swing (log style)
  • Thermopane Windows
  • Shutters
  • 12′ Loft Rails
  • Loft Ladder
  • Finished Floor 168 sq. ft.

Shed Description: 10’x20′ Challenger Shed
Sidewalls: 6′
Porch Size: 10’x6′
Exterior Finish: Painted T1-11 Board & Batton
Exterior Color: White
Trim Color: White
Shingle Color: Burnished Slate
Door Type: Painted T1-11 Board & Batton
Hinge Type: Small T
Window Framing/Vent Color: Bronze

Standard Options:
10″ overhangs
60″ double doors
6′ open gable porch