W05 5′ Playhouse Combo 2 with Full Upper Enclosure


Display Number: W04
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Location: Indianapolis Northwest Outlot
Manufacturer: Woodplay
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Inventory Number: 25103

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The Playhouse Series packs a ton of fun with an endless supply of options that will keep the kids entertained for hours on end. The Playhouse Series a traditional post-and-beam square base construction that easily accommodates various accessories beneath the deck, including a sandbox that’s conveniently built right into the base. As an added bonus, it includes a convertible picnic table for snack time that doubles as a sandbox cover.

Style: 5′ Playhouse Combo 2 w/ Full Upper Enc.
Canopy Color: N/A
Canopy Type (Solid, Stripe, Arc): N/A
Rock Color: Red & Yellow
Slide Type: 10′ Wave -Yellow

Combo 2

Full Upper Enclosure