W12 Goalrilla FT72


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Location: Indianapolis Outlet
Manufacturer: Goalrilla
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Pole pad, backboard pad, and basketball not included

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The Goalrilla FT72 is a regulation size in-ground hoop with a 72” x 42” Clear View tempered glass backboard. Its innovative Three-Point technology creates increased rigidity and stability.

Weight 437 lbs
SKU B3017W
Brand Goalrilla
Manufacturer Escalade Sports
Installation In Ground
Backboard Dimensions 72″x42″
Regulation Size Backboard Yes
Backboard Material Tempered Glass
Clearview Backboard Yes
Glass Thickness 3/8″
Low Profile Backboard Edge Yes
Rim Style Heavy Duty Breakaway
Rim Diameter Regulation Size 17.7165”
Height Adjustment 7.5′ to 10′
Height Adjustment Mechanism All-Steel Easy Slide Actuator
Height Indicator Included
Actuator Handle Pin for easy removal for commercial settings or to keep height at desired setting
Pole Size 6″ x 6″
Steel Coating DuPont® Powder coated for UV and rust protection
Overhang 4′
Anchor System 9” basketball anchor system, includes steel plate, J bolts, nuts, washers & rebar steel rods. Comes with an easy leveling system. Offers ability to unbolt the basketball system and move to a new location. Fits all Goalrilla hoops.