Sheds, Cabins, and Playhouses Satisfaction Sheet

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1. You have purchased a display shed, cabin, or playhouse or a custom order shed, cabin, or playhouse. Special order sheds, cabins, and playhouses can take approximately 3 weeks to be built and be ready for delivery. All of the above stated purchases must be paid in full at the time of order. These purchases must be paid in full before delivery and installation. Custom order sheds are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled after the building has been ordered. If you choose to cancel a display shed, playhouse, or cabin you will receive a full refund. There are no cancellations or refunds within 48 hours of your scheduled installation or delivery. There are no returns after your building is installed or delivered.*
2. Your installation date and time will be confirmed via phone call by our shed director at least one day prior to your scheduled installation date; you must be home for the installation appointment. Your shed, playhouse, and/or cabin installation will be completed in one day. In the event that an installation will take more than one day you will be notified beforehand. In the case that the building must be a build on site, our crew must have access to power in order to perform the installation. We will also need to know how far from the street the crew will have to haul the materials.*
3. You will be responsible for ground prep prior to the arrival of the installers unless discussed otherwise with the shed director. The ground prep includes one of the following: a packed gravel base, patio blocks/pavers, concrete slab, or pier foundation that is sufficient enough size for your building. Patio pavers/blocks is by far the most popular method used for foundation for our buildings. The homeowner/ customer is responsible for the purchase of all pavers and/or ground prep materials. At least 8”x 8” stones 2” thick are the ideal choice. The number of pavers needed correlate to the length of your shed. For example: If you have a shed that is 16’ long you then need 16 pavers. If the slope exceeds 6” you will need 50% more pavers. Slope Example: Assume the 16’ long shed has a slope, now 16 pavers are needed as stated previously, and 8 more to accommodate for the unlevel ground. The crew that delivers and places your building will arrange the pavers in the necessary areas to ensure it is stable and level. All that is required of the homeowner/customer is to purchase the pavers and place them near the building delivery site for crew use. Should you choose to use crushed stone, we recommend that the stone is made level and 4”-6” deep. Be sure to use “crushed” stone that packs well as opposed to “pea” stone. #53 or standard driveway stone with lime dust works best and is relatively inexpensive. Extend the size of your base a minimum of 2’ longer and 2’ wider than the actual size of your building.*
4. In the event that your installation site has a slope greater than 12” you may want to consider a pier foundation. In this application piers would be dug below the frost line and a level foundation would be built to set your building on. You would need to have your building built on site in order to use this method of leveling. Recreation Unlimited provides this service and would be happy to do a site evaluation and provide you with a quote.*
5. To prepare for the day of delivery please ensure that if you have a sprinkler system you have turned it off several days before the building is being delivered. This will allow the surface to firm up, and decrease the chances that yard ruts will take place. Be aware that yard ruts may occur during normal delivery from the ‘shed mule’ that is used to maneuver your building into place, especially if your lawn is wet. Fencing and/or vegetation that may be in the way of the delivery site should be removed prior to delivery. If you have a fenced yard Recreation Unlimited offers a service to remove and replace a fence post and panel to gain access to your yard for an additional fee. If you have any concerns about your site digital photos are always helpful. We can also view most addresses well via Google Earth.*
6. The homeowner/ customer is solely responsible for any necessary permitting and/or approvals.*
7. At the time of delivery you will be given key(s) to your building’s doors, touch-up paint (unless you purchased an unpainted building), and a few replacement shingles. Your building has a seven year limited warranty. Should a problem arise, we will replace or repair the defective item. This warranty covers all materials and labor. An additional 5 year warranty is available for an added charge.*

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