Springfree Trampolines

Recreation Unlimited is proud to offer Springfree™ Trampolines in the Indianapolis area. Springfree Trampolines are the result of 13 years of research and development by a multinational engineering team. They’ve gone back to the drawing board and re-engineered the four areas that traditionally cause trampoline injuries. They’ve eliminated springs, moved the frame to where it’s impossible to fall on, created a shock-absorbent SoftEdge mat, and enclosed it in a super strong FlexiNet to cushion jumpers and prevent falls.

Safe and Durable Trampolines

In addition to being the safest trampoline you’ll find, Springfree trampolines are also incredibly strong and durable. With research and innovation at its core, every Springfree trampoline is built to last using only the highest quality materials. Rigorous strength testing means you won’t have to worry about damage from heavier or multiple jumpers (though we do recommend limiting usage to one person at a time to eliminate the risk of jumpers injuring one another). And since it’s designed to withstand the elements in harsh climates, you can rest assured that your trampoline won’t bat an eye at a little wind or snow.

Medium Oval 77

The medium oval trampoline may be smaller in size, but still packs a big bounce! It’s perfect for smaller yards where space may be limited.

77 Medium Oval »

Large Oval 92

Our large oval trampoline is great for families with children of all ages. A soft, responsive bounce designed to fit in narrow yards.

92 Large Oval »

Large Square 113

Our large square trampoline has a soft bounce and plenty of jumping space. Designed for large yards and children (and adults!) of all ages.

113 Large Square »

Jumbo Square 155

Our jumbo square trampoline has an energetic bounce for active jumpers. Designed for spacious backyards and everyone from big to small.

155 Jumbo Square »

Why Springfree Trampolines?

The designers at Springfree took the traditional, old-school trampoline and completely re-envisioned what a trampoline could be. Just what did they change, you ask? Simply put: everything.

No More Springs

Gone are the days of pinching, rusting springs. Standard springs pose a significant safety hazard, even with padding. Springfree eliminated traditional springs altogether and replaced them with super flexible fiberglass rods that lie beneath the jumping surface – completely out of the way!

Hidden Frame

Springfree Trampoline Review: The Frame


Placing the frame beneath the mat serves multiple benefits: it increases the size of the usable jumping surface, and it keeps jumpers safe from injury related to landing on a hard metal frame (if you’ve ever landed on the frame of a traditional trampoline, you know how much it hurts!).

SoftEdge Mat

Springfree Trampoline Review: The Mat


Going one step beyond placing the metal frame safely beneath the jumping surface, Springfree decided to also introduce the SoftEdge Mat, which is thirty times more absorbent than pads. The SoftEdge’s durability and shock absorbency make it a favorable alternative to traditional pads.

FlexiNet Enclosure

Springfree’s Flexinet enclosure features flexible net rods that cushion jumpers and prevent falls. The net is designed to stay taut and guide wayward jumpers back toward the center of the trampoline, and the zippered entrance adds and extra element of protection from falls.