Asa Bales Park

Location: Westfield, IN
Age range: 5-12
Completion: 3 weeks
Budget: $150k

The ​truly ​unique aspect of ​Asa Bales Park​ has nothing to do with the equipment, installation, or even the finished product. The great folks at the ​P​arks ​D​epartment for the City of Westfield decided early on that the final decision ​must lie in the hands of those whose opinions count the most. After narrowing the pool of 10 design entries down to 3, the final 3 were ​shared with the Westfield Middle School Student Counsel. This group of students were ​then ​responsible for making the final decision to go with the design ​submitted ​by Recreation Unlimited. ​

Asa Bales Park includes a parkour design that was to mimic a “Ninja Warrior” type of layout. ​The structure itself is not the typical “slides and climbers” type of playground. Rope features, ladder obstacles, and step pods are side features to the 13 foot tall main hub of nets in the center that bring it all together. Multiple types of overhead and ground level features make this playground the ultimate obstacle course for the 5-12 year old age group and beyond. That is what makes this playground special. ​

​The surfacing chosen for this project is a new design of turf that incorporates a CPSC certified cushion under a tough, realistic grass turf that is not only designed to stand the test of time, but look great in the process. This was all wrapped in a concrete curb to keep everything in place. ​

Find It

We invite you to drive by and visit the playground if you happen to be in the Westfield area. This playground is located at the North end of the park, situated just South of the Westfield High School, and just East of the Middle school.

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