5 Simple Shed Storage Tips

Sheds are incredibly versatile, and many people love using them as additional storage space for tools, lawn equipment, unused decorations, etc. However, sheds can sometimes become a dumping ground for anything and everything with no rhyme or reason.

When the shed becomes so cluttered you can hardly open the door, it might be a sign that it’s time to reorganize. Don’t let the clutter get in the way of your shed reaching its full potential. Here are a few helpful shed storage tips to help you get (and keep) your shed organized.

5 Simple & Effective Shed Storage Tips

Optimize & Organize Your Space

1. Utility Hooks are Your Friend

Hooks, hooks, and more hooks! Hooks are a great and easy way to organize the walls of your shed and keep from cluttering up your floors and corners of your shed. Large hooks can be used to hang up big tools to get them out of the way, like racks, shovels, brooms, you name it. Hooks can also be used to hang up sporting equipment, lawn chairs, or even lawn equipment like a leaf blower. Another perk of using hooks is that you’ll be able to always see what’s what. Plus, the hooks are easy to move around for your needs.

2. Magnetic Bar for Small Tools

A magnetic bar is perfect for your most used tools to be kept all together in one convenient spot. Attach a magnetic bar to the wall of your shed and voilà! Place your favorite pair of pliers or screwdrivers to be able to easily grab and go. Not only is it super effective but it also takes just seconds to put the tool away. Let the magnetics do the work!

2. Store Hardware in Jars

With all the different sizes of nails, screws, bolts and various other hardware, nothing is more frustrating than when you need a particular nail and can’t find it anywhere. A simple yet effective shed storage tip is to keep everything in individually labeled jars. Then, whenever you need a particular length of a nail or screw, you’ll know right where it is and can easily get one. If you want to save even more space and keep the jars off your workbench, you can hang them up by securely screwing the lids of the jar to an underside of a shelf or a piece of wooden board for easy access!

4. Utilize Ceiling Height

Think your ceiling is just wasted space? Think again! By creating a shelf up top you can transform any unused space into usable storage! Store totes that aren’t used every day, like holiday decorations or patio cushions, to keep them out of the way and allow for more space down below.

5. Pegboard Organizer

Don’t set it down, hang it up! A pegboard is the holy grail of shed organization for tools. Not only can an organized pegboard be visually pleasing, but it’s also incredibly functional. A pegboard is a great way to hold all of your shed supplies that allows you to easily store and access all kinds of tools, drills, hand saws, etc all while utilizing very little extra space.

Put Those Shed Storage Tips To Use!

Ready to get organized? Check out our shed gallery for some inspiration, and then contact Recreation Unlimited at (317) 773-3545 to design your perfect shed. We’ll help you create the shed of your dreams.

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