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You’ve chatted with a Recreation Unlimited specialist and designed the ideal playset, the kids are beyond excited for the installation, and you’re thrilled to give them a reason to “unplug” from those electronic devices. Good to go, right? Well, almost. All of our playsets are engineered with safety as a primary consideration, but what about the surface underneath? The base on which the playset sits is an integral part of play safety.

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Rubber mulch safety surfacing is an important part in making sure your kids are able to stay safe while having fun. We’re here to help! Recreation Unlimited is located in Noblesville, IN has been serving the Indianapolis area with the the highest quality playsets, basketball goals, spas, and outdoor structures since 1989. Give us a call at (317) 773-3545 to learn more about any of our products or to begin creating your perfect backyard today!

Grass is Good Enough, Right?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 60% of playground injuries occur as a result of falls to the ground. Many people assume that grass is an acceptable playset base to cushion such falls. And while it’s true that grass and turf are softer than concrete or asphalt, they lose shock absorbency over the years due to environmental conditions and normal wear. Proper protective surfacing can dramatically reduce the risk of serious injury, making it well worth the investment. Our mulch packages are laid to a depth of 3″, which is sufficient to protect up to a 7′ fall in accordance with ASTM 1292.


Curbendables is a 100% recycled “Rubber Edge” that’s durable and flexible. It’s also softer and more resilient than wood or plastic borders.

Rubber Mulch

Our rubber mulch is made from 100% recycled American rubber and is 99.9% wire-free ADA compliant. It inhibits mold and fungi growth, reducing allergy risks.

Filter Fabric

This commercial grade 3.5 filter fabric slows weed growth with a barrier between the mulch and the soil. It’s also resistant to mildew, rotting, and insect

Add Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing to Your New Playset

Recreation Unlimited is pleased to offer complete rubber mulch safety surfacing with the purchase of a new playset for safe play and peace of mind. Our experienced team will lay commercial grade filter fabric, install Curbendable borders, and spread the mulch. The rubber mulch provides a safe, aesthetically pleasing base for your playset. And the best part? It’s extremely low maintenance. Rubber mulch packages include black rubber mulch (3" depth), commercial grade filter fabric, and Curbendable borders (4" x 3" x 72").

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