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If you’ve been dreaming of relaxing in your very own hot tub, you’ve come to the right place. MSpa premium inflatable hot tubs make it easier than ever to invest in total body wellness with their lineup of portable spas that are both affordable and innovative. These hot tubs feature an immersive, hydrotherapy experience in a variety of styles to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic.

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These affordable premium inflatable hot tubs are contemporary, therapeutic, and priced just right to make owning a luxury spa a reality for anyone and everyone. Contact Recreation Unlimited today at (317) 773-3545 or visit our Noblesville showroom to learn more.

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Industry-Leading Hot Tub Technology

Smart Filtration

The smart filtration system automatically initiates for 60 minutes every 8 hours while in Stand-By mode to ensure optimal water quality. Cleaning and changing the filter cartridge at the recommended intervals will maintain clean, clear spa water. A weekly reminder will appear on the control panel while the spa is kept running.

M-One Auto Inflation

Press BUBBLE + UP and the integrated gauge will continually monitor the air pressure as the hot tub inflates. It will then automatically stop inflation when it senses the ideal pressure level has been reached. (Available in the MUSE and URBAN collections.)

Anti-Icing System

When the water temperature dips below 33.8°F, the heater kicks on automatically until the water temperature reaches 37.4°F to help prevent water from freezing. This increases the longevity of the circulation system, pump, and pipe.

Heating Timer

It's no secret that spas can take some time to heat up, which isn't always ideal. MSpa addressed this issue by introducing heating timers. Simply set a time to wake up your spa heater and go about your day as normal. Timers can be set 1 to 99 hours in advance so you can plan for any occasion.

Hygienic-Minded Spas For Safety and Peace of Mind

Meet MDC: The Best Filtration System Ever

MSpa Direct Current System consists of a newly designed DC pump, specialized impeller, and water flow piping. The energy efficient pump circulates water at speeds of 1800 liters per hour. And with the new TURBOFAN construction, foreign objects pass quickly through the impeller. Plus, the super tough X-Ring guarantees 10,000 hours of continuous operation.


The new MSpa collections include a built-in UVC sanitizer that is capable of killing more than 60 disease-causing microorganisms and pathogens using only light.

Ozone Kills Odors & Bacteria

Mid and high-end MSpa hot tubs feature a built-in O3 OZONE GENERATOR. It's useful for killing bacteria and Giardia, Cryptosporidium, parasites, fungi, molds, and other viruses and microbes. It’s 50 times more effective than chlorine, and the effects are visible 3000 times faster.

Antibacterial Fabric

An antibacterial fabric is applied to the inner liner of MSpa hot tubs. This fabric releases bactericidal components which can reduce bacteria reproduction by up to 99%. ISO 22196-2011

Enjoy the Moment

As a globally renowned provider of premium inflatable hot tubs, MSpa brings the luxury spa experience right to your home. These spas are designed with you in mind, helping you enjoy life's little moments to the fullest. Enjoy high tech features, modern designs, and total body wellness with MSpa.

MSpa Link App

The new MSpa Link app, available for both iPhone and Android, puts you in the driver’s seat with full control of your MSpa any time, and from anywhere. It’s designed with an intuitive interface for easy operation. Receive tips, notices, and alarm messages or quickly reach MSpa’s global support teams. The MSpa Link application is your modern, virtual assistant here to look after all your needs concerning your new spa.

More to Love about Mspa

Whisper Quiet Design: The internal control box absorbs and reduces noise.
All Around Bubbling: The 360-degree air-jet system fills the spa with thousands of bubbles.
Portable: MSpas are uniquely designed to be lightweight and portable.
Child Safety Lock: gives parents the ability to lock the hot tub and prevent unwanted access.
PVC Heating Technology: PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology on all spa products.
Rhino-Tech Reinforced PVC Cover Fabric: this UV, frost, and tear resistant material is both beautiful and eco-friendly
All-In-One Control Box & Wired Controller: control panel features a user-friendly design with access to all controls at your fingertips
Warranty Coverage: extensive warranties keep you covered and add peace of mind

The MSpa Brand Mission

“Embrace expertise and advanced technology to promote Comfortable, Portable, and Affordable spa experience to create a healthy lifestyle and optimal wellness.”

MSpa owns over 110 patents and they continuously research and innovate to create products that exceed expectations.

MSpa Hot Tub FAQs

Can I use my MSpa indoors and outdoors?
Yes, MSpa hot tubs can be used both outdoors and indoors. Most people choose to set them up on a backyard patio, but a number of customers also elect to use their MSpas inside a shed or garage. For use indoors, take extra consideration for factors such as drainage and ventilation.

What is the difference between air jets and hydro jets?
All MSpa models come with an air bubbling system. This proprietary 360 degree air jet system fills your spa with thousands of bubbles, creating a balanced, all-encompassing body massage. On the high-end series, you can adjust the level of bubbling speed for a customized message experience.

Select MSpas also include hydro jets, which are jet nozzles positioned within the liner. When this function is turned on, the pump circulates a high-pressure combination of water and air which is then released through the jets. These jet nozzles can be adjusted to change the direction and pressure of the water. The MUSE series come with both Air Jet and HydroJet systems to provide a vigorous massage.

Do MSpas have built-in seats?
All MSpa models released in 2020 and later come with a cushioned floor. Camaro and all the models of Urban and Frame series come with integrated seat cushions to provide great comfort during periods of long use.

Is the spa comfortable and easy to get in and out of?
MSpa utilizes the properties of warm water to help relieve the effects of arthritis by facilitating the movement of still joints and easing aches and pains. The cushioning in the base of the spa is suitable for periods of extended use. All MSpa models released in 2020 and later come with a non-slip bottom providing extra friction between the foot and the spa floor. For those who suffer from arthritis or struggle to move, we recommend an MSpa Wicker Step as it can provide extra assistance and support when entering and exiting the spa.

Is the spa noisy when switched on?
MSpas feature Whisper Quiet Technology and a built-in control box wrapped by the spa liner. Mspa is the quietest portable spa that you can find.

What materials are the Mspa models made from?
All of the hot tubs from Mspa are made with high quality materials that are extremely durable. MSpas are made with Rhino-tech reinforced PVC cover fabric that is UV, frost, and tear resistant.

Mono (from the Frame Series) is made of ultra stiff DWF material that consists of tens of thousands of high-strength threads that are pulled taut to support the spa from within. Tribeca and Oslo exteriors are made with durable, lightweight plastic panels that have a luxury wood look.

How easy is it to set up an MSpa?
MSpas are incredibly quick and easy to set up. Thanks to the world's first built-in control box, MSpa hot tubs allow you to skip the annoying pipe connection and pump installation and complete inflation by just pressing one button. Please refer to your owner’s manual for specific set up information.

Where is the best place to set up my MSpa?
Suitable Surface: Your MSpa should be installed on a smooth, flat, even surface that is capable of uniformly supporting the entire filled weight of your MSpa plus the weight of the users. Positioning your MSpa on an uneven surface can cause unequal pressure on one side of the hot tub which will increase the likelihood of your liner failing.

Power Supply: You need to consider having a power supply that is close enough for the cable to reach (approx. length of the cable is 16.7ft) but also far enough away so that water cannot splash into the socket.

Surroundings: Placing your MSpa near a windbreak such as a fence will help to reduce wind exposure, helping it to retain more heat and in turn help to reduce your running costs. You should also consider where you will drain the water when it’s time to change the water or store your spa.

How long does it take to fill an MSpa?
The time it takes to fill your spa will vary based on the model and water pressure. I will usually take approximately 1 hour to fill up to the minimum line.

How do I know when the spa is properly inflated?
The manometer attached on the valve cap or inflation hose will show the spa inflation status. Please refer to the owner’s manual or read instructions printed beside the air valve. Always read the manometer to ensure that the spa is filled at the proper air pressure for the conditions.

NOTE: Over-inflation can cause damage to the spa liner. Issues caused by misoperation will not be covered by the warranty.

How do I drain my MSpa?
To drain your hot tub, simply use the drain adapter to attach a hosepipe to the spa. Then, open the stopper cap to the inside of the spa to allow for the drainage of the majority of the spa’s water. Any remaining water can then be tipped out from the spa. Alternatively, a Pool and Drain Pump can be used to extract the water.

How do I inflate the Inflatable Bladder (optional)?
If your spa comes with a standard inflatable bladder, check your owner’s manual for guidance.
If you purchased the bladder separately, please make sure you have an inflation hose or foot pump.

How long does it take to heat up?
This can vary greatly depending on the temperature of fresh water that goes into the hot tub, the ambient air temperature, and which MSpa model you have (the higher the capacity of water, the longer the hot tub will take to heat up).

The MSpa heats the water via a circulating pump and heats up at approx. 3-4°F per hour. Ensuring that the spa is well insulated and that the lid is on will also greatly help! To reduce waiting time, use the heat preservation mat and the inflatable bladder (if included) for more efficient heating.

Can the heat and air bubble massage system stay on at the same time?
Yes, all MSpas can heat and activate the bubble massage at the same time.

Can the heat and hydro jet massage system stay on at the same time?
Yes, all the spa models that include Hydro Jets can heat and activate the Hydro Jet Massage system at the same time.

Why is the spa heating up higher than the set temperature?
When heating, the water in the spa circulates continuously, so the actual water temperature may vary from the detected water temperature (shown on the LED display) by as much as approximately 2°F.

When the heating temperature exceeds the set value, the heating function will stop and the heater will be at rest. When the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, it will automatically reheat to the set value.

In rare cases, if the temperature shown on the LED display is much higher than the set value, please stop using the spa and contact your service center.

Is an MSpa easy to clean and maintain?
Our range of inflatable hot tubs are very easy to maintain and are all supplied with an owner’s manual with maintenance instructions. You can also watch instruction videos by visiting MSPA SUPPORT.

How much does it cost to maintain and run an inflatable hot tub?
The running costs will vary depending upon your electric costs, the amount of usage, and how well insulated the spa is from the cold. We estimate it can cost around $1 per day to run based on feedback we have from our customers.

Can I leave my spa unattended for a long period of time?
If you intend to leave the spa for more than 2 weeks, it is better to drain and deflate the spa. Let it dry completely before storing it properly for next use.

If you only intend to leave the spa for a few days, you may opt to put the spa in Standby mode, so the spa is powered on with no function activated. The smart filtration system and anti-icing system will look after your spa.

If you will be leaving the spa unattended for a couple days, also do the following:
- make sure the lid is on securely to keep out excess debris and rainwater
- slightly release some air to prevent over-inflation from heat or direct sunshine

Does the spa need constant power to stay inflated?
No, an MSpa does not require the pump to be on constantly to stay inflated. However, the pump can be used at initial setup to inflate the spa in 1 to 2 minutes.

Can I add more air to the spa when it is full of water?
Yes. You can add air to the spa in the same way as when you initially inflated the spa until the manometer points to the GREEN section.

Can the MSpa be left out all year round?
The entire MSpa is waterproof. However, if you are expecting a very large amount of rain or bad weather it is recommended that you bring the spa indoors. Constant adverse weather conditions could damage the spa and pump, and they should not be used in temperatures below 39°F.

How do I deflate and store my MSpa during the winter?
Drain and deflate the spa, clean it with a mild non-abrasive cleaner, and then rinse thoroughly. After the spa is completely dry, put it into the original box with all accessories.
Store the spa and accessories in a dry, temperature-controlled environment, between 32°F - 104°F. We recommend storing the spa with desiccant (silica gel).

Can I leave my spa on all the time?
If you want to use the spa regularly, the most economical and effective way is to keep the spa heater on. It will keep the water temperature at the desired set point. This is very important, especially in cold regions.

If you plan to use the spa after a period of time, we suggest putting the spa on standby mode (spa is powered on with no function activated). The smart filtration system will automatically run for 60 minutes after a few hours to keep the water clean. The anti-icing system will automatically heat the water up to 37.4°F when water temperature drops below 33.8°F.

NOTE: When the temperature is extremely low and the spa is filled with water, be sure to turn on the heater or put the spa on standby mode.

How do I maintain the water on a daily basis?
In order to maintain clear, clean and healthy water there are some day-to-day / regular tasks that you will need to undertake:

1. Water Filtration / Circulation
A combination of circulating the water through the filter cartridge to collect suspended dirt and oils, together with good chemical water treatment helps you to maintain clear, clean, and healthy water.

Whenever the MSpa's heater, ozonator, or UVC sanitizer is turned on, the filtration function is automatically activated. If you wish, it is possible to activate the filter on its own to keep the water circulating but not heating.

2. Water Testing & Adjusting Chlorine/Bromine and pH Levels
Chemicals will get used up and continuously change, even if you haven't used the spa. You will need to monitor your water (typically testing every other day with test strips) to maintain a consistent, correct level of bromine or chlorine in your spa, as well as maintaining a proper pH level. A Recreation Unlimited hot tub specialist can help you choose the right chemicals for your spa.

How often do I need to change the spa water?
How often you change your spa water will depend on several factors, including how well the water is maintained and how often the spa is used. This is why it is important to test your water frequently to make sure it is properly balanced. You can also increase the longevity of your spa water by cleaning the filter after each use, replacing the filter when necessary, and keeping the spa covered when not in use. If properly filtered and chemically balanced, your spa water may last as long as 1-2 months.

Do I need to use chemicals in my MSpa?
Yes. Although MSpas have multiple sanitation and bacteria-killing features, these are not a substitute for sanitizing your spa water with chemicals. You will need to use either bromine or chlorine. Featuring the UVC sanitizer and the built-in O-Zone generator, an MSpa is the most intelligent portable hot tub in terms of self water treatment, allowing you to spend less time on monitoring the water quality. However, no matter how often or long you plan to use your hot tub, it is essential to treat the water in your MSpa using chemicals.

Chemicals are a highly effective way to treat your MSpa, as they eliminate any harmful bacteria that can grow in warm water.

What should the pH value be?
The pH value must always lie between 7.0 and 7.4. It is important that you always measure and regulate the pH value in your hot tub.

How do I activate the sleep/standby function?
The power-saving hibernation/standby function is easily activated by turning off all functions on the remote control/control box. However, the hot tub must still have steady power so that the automatic functions can still start when needed.

When the spa is in sleep/standby nide, you can use the timer function so that the spa is ready at a desired time.

How does the timer function work?
The timer function allows you to set the time when the spa should start heating the water.
To activate the Timer function, do the following:

1) Set the temperature to the desired water temperature. (Eg. 102 degrees)

2) Deactivate the heating by pressing the "HEATER" button so that it does not light up. At the same time, ensure that all functions are deactivated on the control box/remote control.

3) Press the "TIMER" button and you can now use the up and down arrows to set the number of hours you wish to delay the heating.

4) Wait 10 seconds and you can now see the "TIMER" button flashing slowly. This means that the Timer function is activated.

(You can disable the timer function by holding the "TIMER" button for 3 seconds)

How does Ozone sanitizing work?
The O3 Ozonator generates ozone that targets more resistant bacteria. Unlike UVC, O3 cannot be activated while the spa is in use and meant to act as an extra, and more powerful, layer of protection. The O3 generator also aids in lowering the frequency for water treatment chemicals. Ozone cleaning is activated with one press of the control panel/remote control.

When the ozone cleaning program is activated, it runs for 2 hours, and then switches off automatically. IMPORTANT: The ozone cleaning must never run while the hot tub is in use.

We recommend that the ozone cleaning function is activated both before and after using the spa. Note that the ozone cleaning function is a supplement to regular water care. Ozone purification cannot be done alone. Chemical care products must also always be used to ensure optimal water quality.

Can the ozone cleaning run while the spa is closed?
Yes! We recommend activating the ozone cleaning while the spa is closed with the lid fastened.

How does UVC cleaning work?
Powerful UVC sanitation kills over 60 disease-causing microorganisms and pathogens without the use of harmful chemicals. The sanitizing chamber is housed inside the spa's control box and continuously sanitizes water that passes through the chamber. Since you will never come in contact with the UVC light, this setting can be turned on while you are enjoying your spa.

The UVC cleaning is activated with one press on the control panel/remote control.
You can start it when you use the spa and turn it off when you are finished.

Note that the UVC cleaning function is a supplement to regular water care. UVC cleaning cannot do it alone. Chemical care products must also always be used to ensure optimal water quality.

What is covered under the MSpa warranty?
MSpa covers below manufacture warranty period from purchasing date:
12 months for the electric parts
6 months for the spa (Comfort Series)
12 months for the spa (Premium/Urban/Muse Inflatable Spa/Rigid Wall MSpa)
24 months for the rigid wall frame (Tribeca, Oslo)

How do I submit a warranty claim?
Visit the MSPa website to submit a warranty claim. You will need to know your purchase date and serial number.

Where is the serial number on my MSpa?
The MSpa serial number can be found on the back of your spa's controller or on one of the feet of the engine block.

Am I still covered under warranty if I bought my MSpa secondhand?
No. MSpa warranty only applies to the original purchaser and terminates upon any transfer of ownership.

Can I repair my spa liner with the enclosed repair kit?
Yes, some small scratches or holes can be repaired with the enclosed repair PVC swatches. Due to the shipping safety policies, the repairing glue is not included. Please ask for the glues from the service center or simply buy one from a local shop. The surface should be dry and clean while affixing the PVC swatch to the leaking tiny holes or tears.

Why does my MSpa look lopsided?
The spa pool liner and cover must be extended evenly around when the spa is filled with water. A MSpa must be placed on a completely flat and solid surface. Otherwise, it can cause the spa to be lopsided.

Why can I see algae in the spa even if I've used the filter regularly?
The filter pump itself will not prevent algae from growing in the spa water. To properly maintain and balance your water, you must use a water care kit with either chlorine or bromine and keep the pH level within the proper range (7.0-7.4)

Why does the air bubbling suddenly stop after running for 20 minutes?
The bubbling massage function will shut down automatically after every 20 minutes of operation as a safety precaution. This can be reactivated after 10 minutes by pressing the BUBBLE button again.

Can I screw off the inlet or outlet of the spa when it is filled with water?
No. DO NOT try to do any fixing or maintenance before the spa is completely drained. Otherwise, it can cause water leakage or electric shock.

Why is the FILTER button flashing or displaying red?
The filter cartridge must be cleaned or replaced when you see the FILTER button is flashing or display red. Once this has been done, press the Filter button for 3 seconds to reset the reminder.

Additional troubleshooting tips can be found in your owner's manual (which can also be downloaded from the spa product pages).

Spas to Match Your Lifestyle

MSpa's premium inflatable hot tubs provide a modern aesthetic with advanced features combined with the convenience of being fully portable!

Now you can realize your dream of owning a premium, high-quality spa at an affordable price. With seating for 4-6 adults in a variety of appealing styles, MSpa hot tubs offer something for everyone.

Pamper Yourself

The Air Jets Massage System creates thousands of bubbles from the bottom of the spa to surround you from all angles and deliver the perfect massage every time. Many feature variable bubble speeds so you can select your desired intensity level. Select spas also feature powerful hydromassage jets with adjustable nozzles to customize the angle and water pressure.

MSpa premium inflatable hot tubs combine revolutionary design and legendary performance to ensure your spa experience is everything you could want and more. Step into relaxation with MSpa!

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