Basketball Court Design Guide

If you’re looking to build your own backyard basketball court, then our basketball court design guide is the best place to start. Just fill out this form, and we’ll email your copy of the guide. Easy as that!

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Inside We Explore:

  • Questions Before You Start
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surfacing Options
  • Half-Courts, Modified Half-Courts, & Dimensions
  • Full-Courts, Modified Full-Courts, & Dimensions
  • High School Court Dimensions
  • NCAA Court Dimensions
  • NBA Court Dimensions
  • Multi-Sport Courts
  • Goal Installation
  • Court Photos & Design Inspiration

Goalrilla Basketball Goals

Goalrilla makes the toughest basketball training equipment on the planet. Push the limits of your body and don’t worry about the limits of your basketball equipment. With Goalrilla basketball goals, you get authentic hoops action for the home or the outdoor court.

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