Commercial Basketball Hoops

Adding a commercial basketball hoop to your school, church, or park is a great way to bring people together for competitive fun. With its widespread appeal amongst amateurs, professionals, and every skill level in between, it’s easy to see why basketball is king of the playground. And after all, Indiana is known for all things basketball! If you have questions about any of our Goalrilla basketball goals, give us a call at (317) 773-3545 or visit our Noblesville showroom where you can see (and try out!) our goals on display.

Recreation Unlimited has several basketball hoops that are ideal for commercial settings from Goalrilla and Goalsetter. Goalrilla offers adjustable height and fixed height commercial basketball systems so you can choose the perfect hoops for your application. And if vandalism is a concern, check out our super durable perforated steel backboards, available either as a fixed-height model or adjustable (FT72). All of Goalrilla’s commercial basketball hoops come with regulation-size 72”x42” backboards.

Commercial Backboard Options

Even though they are most often used in residential settings, Goalrilla and Goalsetter offer models that are ideal for schools, churches, parks, and other commercial applications.

Most Goalrilla goals include a highly durable tempered glass backboard, which is standard in high school, college, and NBA settings. Because it is hardened during the production process, tempered glass is 5-10 times stronger than normal glass. But, glass may not be ideal for every situation. If vandalism is a concern, check out our super durable perforated steel backboards, available either as a fixed-height model or adjustable FT72. All of Goalrilla’s commercial basketball hoops come with regulation-size 72”x42” backboards.

Goalsetter hoops come with your choice of tempered glass or acrylic backboards. Acrylic is often preferred over glass in commercial settings thanks to its durability. Goalsetter's Launch Series goals are great for commercial applications because they feature a telescoping pole for consistent overhang at any height. These goals are available with a 60" x 38" backboard (Goalsetter Launch) or a regulation size 72" x 42" backboard (Goalsetter Launch Pro).

Fixed Height vs. Adjustable

One of the attributes that makes Goalrilla and Goalsetter goals so popular for home use is the ability to adjust the height from 7.5’ to 10’. However, in a commercial setting, it is typically advisable to leave goals at regulation height (10’) as most players prefer to play at this height. This also reduces risk of damage to the goal. Goalrilla’s fixed height hoops are ideal for parks, playgrounds, and other places where the rim needs to stay at 10’.

If height adjustment is required in a commercial setting where vandalism may be an issue, the FT72 with perforated steel backboard is a great solution. This goal includes Goalrilla’s removable actuator handle so the goals can be locked in at the desired height. When it’s time to change the height, simply reattach the actuator handle and the height can be easily adjusted with a few cranks of the handle.

1. Grab pin and handle

2. Remove pin

3. Remove handle

Instructions and Installation

Many in-ground commercial basketball goals are “direct bury" (meaning the post is cemented directly into the ground) and therefore are heavier to set up. Goalrilla and Goalsetter hoops, on the other hand, can be detached and moved from their in-ground anchor system and reinstalled in a new location. These hoops also include extensive warranties and very detailed instructions for installation.

Control Play with a Rim Blocker

In a commercial setting, there may be times when you need to discourage play, such as after hours or to avoid unsupervised play. Goalrilla’s Rim Blocker lets you do just that by blocking the rim from unwanted play. It installs in just a matter of minutes and can be removed just as quickly. It fits any standard size 18” basketball goal rim.

Commercial vs. Residential: Is There a Difference?

There aren’t formal regulations defining which basketball goals can be installed in a public setting, vs. those strictly intended for residential use. Generally speaking, however, goals designed for commercial use will have regulation size (72” x 42”) backboards, and be able to withstand heavy use. Steel backboards are recommended for settings where vandalism is a concern. Fixed height goals are also more common in commercial applications. The difference between residential and commercial comes down to which goals are recommended for unsupervised play in a commercial setting, and which goals are more suited for the home court.

Why Recreation Unlimited?

Recreation Unlimited has been proudly serving Indianapolis and beyond with all things family fun since 1989. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer experience advisors are on hand to make sure your shopping experience is a pleasant one - from initial browsing, through purchase, installation, and even after, should you need assistance in the future. We also have teams of highly skilled crew members who can install your new basketball goal so you don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting.

Whether you’re building multiple courts and need several commercial basketball hoops, or it’s just time to replace an aging hoop on the school playground, we’re here to help. Contact us at (317) 773-3545 with any questions. We look forward to serving you!

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