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In-Ground VS Portable Basketball Hoops

By Nicole Newman / June 4, 2021 /

Congratulations! You’ve decided to purchase a basketball goal for your Indianapolis home. Now it’s time to decide which type of basketball goal best fits your…

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The Silverback Junior Hoop

By Nicole Newman / February 22, 2021 /

All of our full-size basketball systems can lower to 7.5 ft., but what about the littlest basketball stars? The Silverback Junior Hoop can be attached…

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5 Tips For Keeping Pets Safe This Winter

By Nicole Newman / February 16, 2021 /

We often hear tips for keeping pets safe during the summer with issues such as dehydration and heat exhaustion being a concern, but how about…

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Lounge-Worthy Valentines Date Ideas

By Nicole Newman / February 13, 2021 /

We all know that the past year has been anything but relaxing. Your first instinct may be to rush to make a dinner reservation or…

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Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts That You Can Enjoy Together!

By Nicole Newman / February 11, 2021 /

Let’s be honest, the most romantic gifts are the ones that can be enjoyed beyond Valentine’s Day and that continue to bring you and your…

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