Gaga Ball Pits for Sale

It’s the craze that’s been sweeping the nation – Gaga ball! This fast-paced group game is fun for kids and adults alike. Recreation Unlimited offers gaga ball pits for sale in multiple sizes so you can choose the best fit for your application. Give us a call at (317) 773-3545 to learn more about the available options.

The Gaga Ball Pit

Gaga ball dates back to the 1970’s where it gained popularity in Jewish summer children’s camps. It was later brought to the United States by Jewish camp counselors. More than just a clever name, “GaGa” literally translated from Hebrew means “touch-touch”.

So, what in the world is a “gaga ball pit”? Great question! The pit itself is an enclosed area (hexagon or octagon in shape) that is created by connecting panels. These interlocking panels can be constructed of various materials, but are most commonly made of either wood or plastic and are typically either 24” or 30” high. The panels are eight to ten feet in length and create a play area that is 15 to 25 feet wide.


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Recreation Unlimited’s Gaga ball pits are constructed from durable, high quality recycled plastic materials that are able to withstand the elements year-round. Gaga pits are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, but can also be treated as permanent installations (as is often the case for parks, schools, etc). The game can be played indoors or out – its versatility adding to its popularity and widespread appeal.

Accessible fun for everyone!

Our Gaga Pits are highly durable, can be used indoors or out, and have gates that are ADA accessible so everyone can get in on the action.

How to Play the Game

Now that you know what a Gaga ball pit is, you’re probably wondering how to actually play the game. The beauty of Gaga ball is in the simplicity of the game. The object of the game is simple: avoid being hit or touched by the ball and be the last player standing. But beware – it’s not as easy as it seems!

The game uses a standard playground ball and borrows concepts from the popular schoolyard game of dodgeball, but with some key differences. The basic premise of avoiding being hit by the ball is the same, but when playing Gaga ball, holding, throwing, or carrying the ball is not permitted. The ball must be put into play off of a bounce by striking the ball toward opponents. The goal is to aim the ball so that it strikes opponents below the waist to eliminate them from the game. Once a player is struck, the game is paused and that player must exit the playing area. Play is started again and continues in this manner until only one player remains and is crowned the winner!

Gaga Ball Pit Features

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Gaga Ball Pits can be installed indoors, and are also durable enough to be installed and used outdoors year-round. The choice is yours!

ADA Accessible

Our Gaga Ball Pits are designed with easy access gates that allow wheelchairs to enter and exit the play area, so no one has to miss out on the fun!

Easy to Maintain

The recycled plastic material is easy to wipe down for a quick clean and super durable to hold up well over years of play.

Portable or Permanent

Depending on your facility and playing surface, the Gaga Pit can be staked into the ground for a more permanent installation.

Rules For Safe Gaga Ball Play

Standard Gaga ball rules indicate that a non-player referee be on site to officiate and make calls that are not clear during play. The referee begins the game by directing players to touch the wall with one hand and then signaling another player to toss the ball up into the air. As the ball comes off its second bounce, it is then in play. Playing with more than 3 players? Add a second ball for even more crazy fun!

The basic rules of the game are as follows:

  1. Players start inside the Gaga pit touching a side wall. One player throws the ball into the air and all players yell “Ga” as it bounces. The ball is considered in play after the second bounce.
  2. Players may strike the ball with one hand, but may not pick it up and throw it
  3. If a player is hit by the ball anywhere below the waist, the player is eliminated
  4. The ball must always be aimed LOW. Should the ball strike any player above the waist, the hit is not considered acceptable and will not count
  5. Catching or holding the ball is not permitted - a player may block and dribble the ball for up to 3 seconds before it must touch the wall or another player
  6. Kicking the ball is not allowed
  7. If the ball is hit out of the pit, the last player to touch the ball is out
  8. Players may re-enter the play area if they catch the ball as it leaves the pit
  9. When a player is eliminated, play should be paused so that they may safely exit the playing area.
  10. The number of players should be limited based on the size of the ball pit so that all players have room to move comfortably without bumping into one another. Gaga pits typically accommodate 8-30 kids.

Rules can vary by location, of course, and you may want to add any that you deem necessary. As with any active, fast-paced game, it’s important to keep safety as a top priority. As long as everyone stays safe, the rules can be whatever you desire (given all players agree to them, of course!).

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Portable or Permanent Gaga Ball Pits

The original Gaga Ball Pit is easy to install and incredibly durable. It can be freestanding for quick disassembly, or the stanchions can be anchored into the ground for permanent installation. If super lightweight and portable is more appropriate for your application (for frequent assembly and disassembly), then the GaGa2Go Portable Gaga Ball Pit is the perfect choice. It's designed to be lightweight and easy to manage and store, all while taking up limited space thanks to the nested, stacking panels.

Ready to jump on the Gaga ball train? Recreation Unlimited is here to help! Whether you’re looking to add a Gaga pit to your school, church, or neighborhood park, we’ve got sizes from 15 to 26 feet to accommodate everyone. And Gaga ball pits aren’t just for commercial applications. Families across the country (and around the world!) have discovered the joy of play and togetherness by adding a Gaga ball pit to their very own backyard. You’ll soon be the hit of the neighborhood! If you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (317) 773-3545.