Hot Tub Myth Busters

When it comes to shopping for and ultimately owning a hot tub, we often find that consumers have some preconceived notions that aren’t fully accurate. We’d like to take a moment to “debunk” a few of these common misconceptions.

Affordable Hot Tubs in Noblesville

“I can’t afford a hot tub”

You might be surprised to learn that hot tubs are available at a variety of price points to fit most any budget. (Our Fantasy Spas start at just $1999!) And since a spa can increase the value of your property, you may even qualify for a home improvement loan. Many customers are also eligible for other types of financing, which we’d be happy to discuss with you.
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Hot Tubs are Easy to Maintain

“Hot tubs are difficult to maintain and costly to operate”

When the proper steps and preventative measures are taken, spas are actually quite easy to maintain. Here at Recreation Unlimited, we also offer our free “Spa University” class to teach you how to care for your new hot tub. Cal Spas and Caldera in particular are known for their energy efficient spas that are CEC (California Energy Commission) certified, making them surprisingly cost effective to operate.

Hot Tub Jets

“Jets: more is better”

When it comes to jets, quantity does not ensure quality. To fully optimize your hydrotherapy experience, you must consider several factors beyond just the number of jets. These include water pressure (determined by the horsepower of the spa’s pump), placement of the jets (which areas do you want to target?), and the type of water stream delivered. Different styles of jets are designed to provide unique types of massage. A hot tub specialist can help you determine the right number, type, and placement of jets.

Hot Tubs are Easy to Maintain

“I’ll save a bunch of money if I buy a used hot tub”

Initially, this might be true. Initially. However, the likelihood of repairs, cost of relocation/installation, and lack of manufacturer warranty must all be taken into consideration when determining the actual cost of the hot tub, which may turn out to be very different from the perceived cost. Read more about purchasing used hot tubs.


Questions about these “myths” or other things you’ve heard about spas? We’d love to chat! Contact us at (317) 773-3545 and one of our hot tub specialists will be happy to assist you.

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